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In this TOEIC practice test there are 15 questions. For each question you will see an incomplete sentence. Four words or phrases, marked For each question you will see an incomplete sentence. Four words or phrases, marked When you have finished the practice test, you will be able to review each question and compare your answers with the correct answers.

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READING SECTION READING In the Reading test, you will read a variety of texts and answer several different types of Jeading comprehension questions. The entire Reading test will last 75 minutes. There are three parts, and directions are given for each part. You are encouraged to answer as many as possible within the time allowed. You must mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. Do not write your answers in the book. Part V Directions: A word or phrase is missing in each of the sentences below. Four answer choices are given below each sentence. Select the best answer to complete the sentence. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C) or (D) on your answer sheet. Question 1 Marks: 5 Question126. Our competitor orders a high ----------- of if equipment from foreign companies. Choose one answer. a. percentage b. range c. level d. degree Question 2 Marks: 5 Question116. If you do not read the business page regularly, you -----------to miss reports of the important business transactions. Choose one answer. a. are going b. will c. would be going d. had Question 3 Marks: 5 Choose one answer. a. celebration b. memory c. ceremony d. ceremonial Question 4 Marks: 5 Question113. The company's goal is to reach maximum production capacity ----------- the next three months. Choose one answer. a. into b. about c. with d. within Question 5 Marks: 5 Question112. The passengers were ----------- of the flight's delay. Choose one answer. a. expecting b. notified c. announced d. saying Question 6 Marks: 5 Question111. I have noticed that when the boss is away, employee like to relax and enjoy----------- Choose one answer. a. myself b. ourselves c. himself d. themselves Question 7 Marks: 5 Question117. For professionals at the beginning of their careers,leisure time is a -----------commodity. Choose one answer. a. high-priced b. regular c. common d. scarce Question 8 Marks: 5 Question104. They----------- to build an addition to their hotel to accommodate their many guests. Choose one answer. a. must b. ought c. should d. have to Question 9 Marks: 5 Question136. ----------- the manager found out that the secretary had lied to her, she was furious. Choose one answer. a. Owing to b. So c. If d. When Question 10 Marks: 5 Question128. Ultimately, the success of the company ----------- on consistentm anagemenst trategies. Choose one answer. a. had been depended b. to depend c. is depending d. depends Question 11 Marks: 5 Question134. She really ----------- to learn to control her temper in the office. Choose one answer. a. has b. have c. hasn't d. having Question 12 Marks: 5 Question103. The new computer system designed for the post office ----------- accounts to be managed over the Internet. Choose one answer. a. are allowing b. allow c. will allow d. will be going to allow Question 13 Marks: 5 Question130. The new overtime regulations will take ----------- at the start of next month. Choose one answer. a. affect b. effect c. efficacy d. affectations Question 14 Marks: 5 Question118. ----------- people who love their work need time to relax and enjoy themselves. Choose one answer. a. Also b. Although c. Even d. Despite Question 15 Marks: 5 Question127. Jobs at the company pay a ----------- of $15.00 per hour, increasing within two years to $20.00. Choose one answer. a. minimal b. minimum c. marginal d. margin Question 16 Marks: 5 Question114. She hasn't finished the monthly financial reports ----------- , but says she should have them by the end of the day. Choose one answer. a. by this time b. still c. yet d. then Question 17 Marks: 5 Question129. Be sure----------- all stationery orders by 3 p.m. on Fridays. Choose one answer. a. place b. placing c. to place d. placed Question 18 Marks: 5 Question131. We thought our offer would have been accepted by now, but ----------- has called. Choose one answer. a. somebody b. anybody c. someone d. nobody Question 19 Marks: 5 Question132. ----------- we concede that the union does have a point, it is impossible for us to meet the members' demands. Choose one answer. a. During b. Having c. While d. As Question 20 Marks: 5 The company plans to purchase back-up generators to prevent the loss of information in case of a power -------------, Choose one answer. a. fails b. failure c. to fail d. failed Question 21 Marks: 5 Before the summary was issued, Ms.Townsend---------- responsibilities for any errors found in it. Choose one answer. a. claiming b. claim c. will claim d. claimed Question 22 Marks: 5 The 5 acres of land---------------- which the city plans to build the new shopping complex were purchased. Choose one answer. a. for b. from c. to d. on Question 23 Marks: 5 Mr. Montague will contact our office----------- the brochure needs important changes or corrections. Choose one answer. a. prevented from b. only if c. asking for d. all about Question 24 Marks: 5 Originally intended for notebook computers, this flash memory card is now widely used in many cellular phones and smart cards because of its -----------to climate changes. Choose one answer. a. resisted b. resistant c. resisting d. resistance Question 25 Marks: 5 Qualified candidates may apply for the vacant position ------------their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or country of origin. Choose one answer. a. regards b. without regard c. regarding d. regardless of Question 26 Marks: 5 -----------some of the oil drilled in the state of Oklahoma is exported to the Far East, most of it is consumed within the country. Choose one answer. a. Because of b. Both c. While d. Yet Question 27 Marks: 5 Department store managers should always keep in mind that the way ------------insignificant details are handled will influence the customer's purchasing decisions. Choose one answer. a. seems b. seem c. seemed d. seemingly Question 28 Marks: 5 If the revised text---------------- by now, the printers could have distributed the meeting agenda by regular mail. Choose one answer. a. had arrived b. would arrive c. had been arriving d. arrived Question 29 Marks: 5 The lawmakers passed a new resolution that requires all car manufacturers to-------------- their vehicles to tougher safety tests. Choose one answer. a. prohibit b. discard c. support d. subject Question 30 Marks: 5 --------- after resigning as vice president of the Southwest division, Ms. Harriet decided to start her own business with her former colleagues. Choose one answer. a. Soon b. Late c. Nearly d. Almost Question 31 Marks: 5 Even well-established publishing firms frequently experience an unexpected ----------- in publication especially during the busy holiday seasons. Choose one answer. a. delays b. delayed c. delaying d. delay Question 32 Marks: 5 In order to respond ------------to customer complaints, the company management decided to set up a new team that exclusively deals with complaints over the phone and via email. Choose one answer. a. overtly b. intensely c. severely d. promptly Question 33 Marks: 5 Having -------------the rest of the chapters,Prof. Bovon invited his students to contribute their ideas for further discussion. Choose one answer. a. covers b. cover c. covering d. covered Question 34 Marks: 5 ------------technical difficulties may occur when installing the new software, in which case you can use our support hotline for assistance. Choose one answer. a. Much b. Most of c. A few d. A little Question 35 Marks: 5 The demand for new passenger vehicle is often -----------of the overall consumer sentiment. Choose one answer. a. thoughtful b. manageable c. reflective d. possible Question 36 Marks: 5 Proposals for the building -------------include new staff lounge, a fitness facility and a state-of- the-art daycare center for singl mothers. Choose one answer. a. expands b. expansive c. expanding d. expansion Question 37 Marks: 5 This article compares the originally proposed timetable------------ the actual progress made thus far. Choose one answer. a. which b. so c. with d. where Question 38 Marks: 5 ----------------domestic sales to increase in foreseeable future, the central government should come up with a comprehensive plan to boost the economy. Choose one answer. a. Which b. For c. When d. In addition to Part VI Directions: Read the texts on the followin pages. A word or phrase is missing in some of the sentences. Four answear choices are given below each of these sentences. Select the best answer to complete the text. Then mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. Question 39 Marks: 5 Questions 141-143 refer to the following advertisement. Texas INSTRUMENTS, due to rapid expansion, is seeking an experienced ------------with 141. (A) individual (B) individually (C) individualism (D) individualist demonstrated analytical instrument sales and management ability to be responsible for the organization and administration of a regional sales office. Texas Instruments is a------------- 142. (A) prevalent (B) leading (C) foremost (D) habitual manufacturer of industrial and laboratory instruments. The REGIONAL SALES MANAGER'S responsibilities will include the hiring and supervision of sales, service, and clerical personnel, monitoring of revenues and expenses and budgeting forecasts. Demonstrated ability to manage a sales office, 3 years experience in direct sales of scientific, analytical instrumentation, and a college degree in Chemistry-----------. 143. (A) be requiring (B) are required (C) has required (D) to require Question 141 ? Choose one answer. a. individual b. individually c. individualism d. individualist Question 40 Marks: 5 Question 142 ? Choose one answer. a. prevalent b. leading c. foremost d. habitual Question 41 Marks: 5 Question 143 ? Choose one answer. a. be requiring b. are required c. has required d. to require Question 42 Marks: 5 Questions 144-146 refer to the following advertisement. Administrative assistant Are you looking for personal and social fulfillment? Asia22, a nonprofit organization with a-------------- on activities throughout Asia, is looking for a highly motivated person with excellen 144. (A) attention (8) highlight (C) response (0) focus communication skills to assist our team.----------experience with nonprofit organizations is 145. (A) Previous (8) Early (C) Precise (0) Timely necessary. A bachelor's degree is preferred. We do seek someone with a desire to learn. The position------------- a number of tasks specifically related to public relations and fund-raisin 146. (A) involve (8) involves (C) involving (0) involvement and the successful candidate will have an opportunity to grow within the organization. Washington office position will require travel to many parts of the world, including regional offices in northern Africa (Morocco), sub-Saharan Africa (Angola) and Europe (Germany). Interested persons should e-mail or fax a resume with cover letter to John Lewis at As 878 Third Ave, Washington City, 10069. Fax at 224-544-6441. All candidates must also show proof of a valid driver's license and passport. Question 144 ? Choose one answer. a. attention b. highlight c. response d. focus Question 43 Marks: 5 Question 145 ? Choose one answer. a. Previous b. Early c. Precise d. Timely Question 44 Marks: 5 Question 146 ? Choose one answer. a. involve b. involves c. involving d. involvement Question 45 Marks: 5 Questions 147-149 refer to the following memo. To: All staff From: John Grisham, Marketing Director Subject: Marketing strategy As of Dec. 3rd, we will discontinue the use of return cards --------we attach to our advertisements 147. (A) which (B) whose (C) what (D) of which in magazines. Lately, we have ---------fewer return cards. Fifteen years ago, we obtained 300 148. (A) to receive (B) been receiving (C) been received (D) receiving new customers each year through return cards. Recently, however, those numbers have dropped to 40 new customers annually. Through surveys, the marketing department has learned that the public would rather call our toll- free subscription number than complete and mail a return card. They prefer this method not because of cost savings but because of convenience. They find it faster and easier to speak to someone directly over the phone. Therefore, the marketing department has decided to discontinue the use of return cards. Because we have made this change in our marketing strategy, we must explore other avenues for increasing our customer base. We have hired outside consultants to help us improve our long-range marketing plans. They are experts ---------- 149. (A) for (B) as (C) on (D) in harnessing the power of the Internet to achieve business goals. We plan to use e-commerce to give us a competitive edge over our competitors. Question 147 ? Choose one answer. a. which b. whose c. what d. of which Question 46 Marks: 5 Question 148 ? Choose one answer. a. to receive b. been receiving c. been received d. receiving Question 47 Marks: 5 Question 149 ? Choose one answer. a. for b. as c. on d. in Question 48 Marks: 5 Questions 150-152 refer to the following note. Brown, While you were meeting with the-------- client, Jan Hammer of Data Center called. He was 150. (A) deliberate (B) evident (C) intermittent (D) prospective really upset, but not with us. Someone at his office had given him the wrong information, so our quote to him on designing their brochures needs to be------------. He gave me the new 151. (A) established (B) remodeled (C) revised (D) borrowed specifications and asked if we could get back to him today. I immediately took them to Danny in Estimating. Danny said that he can have a revised quote ready by 4:00 p.m. at the latest. I called Jan back and told him that I thought we could give him a price by 5:00. He's expecting you to call him. He also has some questions on a (an) --------- different project. 152. (A) densely (B) entirely (C) strongly (D) frequently Apparently, his boss was impressed by the ads we did for Toyron Electronics. He wants to hear your proposals on a similar ad campaign for Data Center. Of course, that part can wait until tomorrow, but he needs the brochure price today. Lisa Question 150? Choose one answer. a. deliberate b. evident c. intermittent d. prospective Question 49 Marks: 5 Question 151 ? Choose one answer. a. established b. remodeled c. revised d. borrowed Question 50 Marks: 5 Question 152 ? Choose one answer. a. densely b. entirely c. strongly d. frequently Part VII Directions: In this part, you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text if followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet. Question 51 Marks: 5 Questions 153-154 refer to the following notice. Videoconferences are the way of the future. A meeting will be held among top managers here at the head office to discuss how to implement this new technology to improve interoffice communications. All vice presidents and general managers are asked to meet next Thursday at 10 AM to begin discussion on how this can positively affect our business. After a 45-lunch at noon, we will begin to plan implementation procedures and discuss how the costs will be distributed among departments. Because this is a very important discussion about how we will conduct meetings among other branches in the future, I want all of you who are attending the meeting to contact their employees from other branches to discuss any special needs or ideas they may have prior to the meeting. Please come prepared to briefly discuss what you feel ,are the merits and potential obstacles to swiftly prepare this new way of doing things. Thank you. Question 153: Who will has been asked to attend the meeting? Choose one answer. a. Janitorial staff b. Videoconference technicians c. Vice presidents and general managers d. The President Question 52 Marks: 5 Question 154: Who must attendees contact prior to the meeting? Choose one answer. a. Their in-house employees b. Their fellow management staff c. Their staff at other offices d. Clients they wish to confer with Question 53 Marks: 5 Questions 155-157 refer to the following job advertisement. Busta Movers is one of the nation's largest moving companies. We have been providing moving services to individual homes and businesses of all sizes for the last 25 years. We are seeking new employees to fill many types of positions to make our planned expansion possible. We intend to double the number of Busta Movers offices and trucks over the next 2 years, and we need highly motivated people on our team to make that possible. We need new managers,. drivers, and administrative staff. For more details about the requirements for each position, please consult our website at People wishing to contact us to apply or to ask questions can do so via email through contact information to be found on the website.We offer a complete benefits package that includes dental, life, medical and disability insurance, as well as 2 weeks paid vacation and sick leave. Salaries vary depending upon the position applied for and experience. Please contact us without delay, we will begin the interviewing process as soon as possible. Question 155: What job positions are opening up at Busta Movers ? Choose one answer. a. Managers b. Drivers c. Administrative staff d. All of the above Question 54 Marks: 5 Question 156:What experience is required? Choose one answer. a. Driving experience b. Moving experience c. Management experience d. It depends on the position applied for. Question 55 Marks: 5 Question 157: How should people apply for these positions? Choose one answer. a. In person b. By telephone c. Via the internet d. By mail Question 56 Marks: 5 Questions 158-160 refer to the following memo. To: The Staff From: Eddie Bauer, President Subject: Office Supplies Date: June 30 As you know, the recent recession has forced us to cut costs in many areas. One area where people have not been fully cooperating is in regard to office supplies. For this reason the following guidelines are being put in place: 1. Dave Smith has been designated as in charge of all supplies. All supplies must be checked through him with your signature and his before they are removed from the storeroom. 2. There are monthly limits to how much of each item can be borrowed each month. Anything exceeding these amounts must be approved by your manager and Dave Smith, and the justification must be given in writing. Along with these guidelines, here are some additional suggestions with regard to conservation of these materials: 1. Hang on to your pens! We go through far too many pens in this office, this can only be because people are carelessly losing them. 2. People should always print on both sides of office paper before recycling, unless this is for official business correspondence. 3. Folders and binders can be used again once old projects are completed. The cost of these items adds up! I appreciate your cooperation, and I hope these measures will lead to an improvement in this area soon. Question 158: Why has Mr. Bauer written this memo? Choose one answer. a. To ensure people are happy with their new office supplies b. To advise of new regulations that will save the company money c. To break the news that cuts will be made in many areas d. To thank people for saving the company so much money Question 57 Marks: 5 Question 159: How do people borrow supplies from now on? Choose one answer. a. By clearing them with Dave Smith b. By getting a written order from their manager c. By signing them out with their own pens d. By special permission from Mr. Bauer Question 58 Marks: 5 Question 160: What is the exception to the rule that says people must print on both sides of office paper? Choose one answer. a. For rough drafts of proposals b. For personal correspondence c. For official business correspondence d. For copies of this memo Question 59 Marks: 5 Questions 161-162 refer to the following advertisement. Looking for a good place today? Finding the right accommodation for you in Seoul can sometimes be difficult. Negotiating a favorable rate can be even more of a challenge. But with twenty years of experience in the Korean tourist industry Delta Travel has forged strong relationships with some of the best hotels in the region, and is ready to pass the benefits on to you. Delta Travel, More Than an Agency --It's Your Travel Companion TEL: (02) 2648-0509 FAX: (02) 2656-0509 KeumYoung Building, 44-1 Jongrogu, Seoul Question 161: What is being advertised? Choose one answer. a. A flight to Seoul b. A job opening c. A consulting service d. A travel agency Question 60 Marks: 5 Question 162: What advantage does Delta offer? Choose one answer. a. Extended warranty b. Free translation service c. Useful business contacts d. Highly trained tour guides Question 61 Marks: 5 Questions 163-164 refer to the instructions.. How to get your subscription to the Evening Sun In Person: Visit our offices on 321 Back Street and fill out a subscription , form. Payment by check or credit card will be accepted at that time. Online: Visit and fill out our subscription form online. You will be asked for your credit card at that time. By Telephone: Call us at 555-9876 anytime from 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays. Please have your credit card ready. By Fax : Fax!the attached subscription form to 555-9765 anytime, and be sure to include your credit card information. Payment must be received in full before the first issue will be delivered to your door. In the event of cancellation, a refund equal to 90% of the value of issues that have not yet been received will be granted. Question 163: What method of subscribing will allow people to pay by check? Choose one answer. a. In person b. By telephone c. By fax d. Online Question 62 Marks: 5 Question 164: How much will be refunded in the event of a cancellation? Choose one answer. a. 90% of the amount paid for the subscription b. 50% of the total amount paid c. 90% of the value of undelivered issues d. It depends on the payment method. Question 63 Marks: 5 Questions 165-166 refer to the following letter. Speedenix 78 Center Street Atlanta, GA 83528 November 17, 2004 DBX Studio, Inc. 445 Mass Ave. Boston, MA 02143 Dear DBX Studio: I wanted to thank you for your passionate commitment to web design and superior service. I develop customer relationship management strategies on a daily basis for my clients and I am NEVER easily impressed with customer service in any industry. In fact, my motto had been that customer service is mediocre at best. I am glad to say that DBX Studio proved me wrong and my web site is clear proof of that! When I first talked to Douglas, one of your associates, on the phone, I knew he was the right web designer for me even though we had never met or spoken before. I was impressed most with Douglas' commitment to my work and his willingness to educate me about the web design process. Throughout my experience with DBX Studio I was always very satisfied with prompt and reliable service. Douglas told me that I could reach him at almost anytime. Now this is unheard of, and it is a great example of the kind of personal customer service today's businesses should strive for. I remember times when Douglas told me he would be until 1 am or so on my web site to meet our deadlines. And sure enough, I would receive e-mails the next morning that were received anywhere from 1 to 3 am. Thank you so much for all of your help ---- the web site looks terrific! I look forward referring many of my clients to you. Sincerely, Scott Hatheaway President of Speedenix Question 165: What is the purpose of this letter? Choose one answer. a. To complain about poor customer service b. To request changes in the plan c. To refer new clients to the company d. To praise an employee for his Dedication Question 64 Marks: 5 Question 166: What did Douglas NOT do for Mr.Hatheaway? Choose one answer. a. Introduced him to a new client b. Educated him about web design c. Worked late hours to meet the deadlines d. Proved his motto to be wrong Question 65 Marks: 5 Questions 167-168 refer to the following letter. A & S Piano School 6250 Plaza de Augustus 265-970 Rome, Italy November 25 Mr. George Smith Manager, Client Realations Smithe and Andersen Pianos Inc. 530 Via Thecla 255-860 Rome, Italy Dear Mr. Smith: In today' s fast-paced world, it is common to overlook the performance of a killed employee. This being the case, I am writing to inform you that one of your sales associates, Mr. FrankJones, has provided me with a superb service. When I visited your storeroom last month to purchase a new piano, Mr. Jones was there to answer all of my questions and fulfill every need I had. He is certainly a credit to his profession and you should feel privileged to have such an excellent employee. Kindly let Mr. Jones know that we at A &SPiano greatly appreciate his skill, service and of pianos. He made shopping at your store a real pleasure for us. Sincerely, John Giovanni John Giovanni President Question 167: What is the purpose of this letter Choose one answer. a. To comment on the quality of their pianos b. To apply for a sales position c. To request the delivery of a piano d. 10 praise a certain employee Question 66 Marks: 5 Question 168: What does Frank Jones do for Smith and Andersen Company? Choose one answer. a. He plays the piano. b. He keeps pianos in storage. c. He sells pianos. d. He delivers pianos. Question 67 Marks: 5 Questions 169-170 refer to the following notice. Welcome to the new Tripoli's restaurants With the coming of the spring, we are pleased to invite you to our newly locations! OVer the past winter months, we've been remodeling our restaurants throughout the area and now they have all been reopened and are ready for you and your family to enjoy. Although their exterior may not look different, the inside is completely new with a new look, a new menu, and an all new atmosphere. However, some things did notchange atall- likethequaJityofour famous appetizers and mouth-watering authentic Italian cuisines.'And we still believe in keeping our prices low! Question 169: What change is announced in the advertisement? Choose one answer. a. The restaurants have been relocated. b. Food prices in the restaurants have been reduced. c. The restaurant buildings have been remodeled. d. Some new restaurants have been opened. Question 68 Marks: 5 Question 170: What is NOT promoted in this advertisement? Choose one answer. a. The new menu b. The prices of the food c. The efficient service d. The interior design Question 69 Marks: 5 Questions 171-172 refer to the following press release. Atmel to Present at the Schwab Soundview Capital Markets Semiconductor Conference Tuesday August 10, 9:00 am ET SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 10 /PR Newswire-FirstCali/ -Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML -News), a worldwide leader in the development, fabrication and sale of advanced semiconductors, announced that Fran Barton, Atmel's Chief Financial Officer, will present at the Schwab Soundview Capital Markets Semiconductor Conference on Thursday, August 12, 2004. The presentation will begin at 11 :30 am Pacific Time. A real-time audio webcast of the meeting will be available on the Company's investor relations page at A replay of the webcast can be accessed shortly after the conclusion of the meeting and will remain available for 30 days. Forward-looking statements and other material information may be discussed during these events. Question 171: When will the interested parties be able to listen to the presentation? Choose one answer. a. August 10, 9 am ET b. 31 days after the presentation c. Before August 12, 11 :30 PT d. Immediately following the Presentation Question 70 Marks: 5 Question 172: Who will give the presentation? Choose one answer. a. Atmel's investor relations director b. A semiconductor market analyst c. Schwab Conference organizers d. The CFO of the Atmel Corporation Question 71 Marks: 5 Questions 173-175 refer to the following memo. TO: All Employees FROM: Human Resources RE: The New Vacation Regulations As was announced last week, there has been an increase in the amout of vacation time that will be granted to employees who have been with the com for one year or more. As promised, here are the details relating to the addit vacation time: -An additional 3 days will be granted per year to employees who have been us for 2 to 5 years. -An additional week (5 working days) will be granted to employees who been with the company for 6 to 10 years. -Eight additional days of vacation will be allowed to people employed here for 11 or more years. These days are in addition to the two weeks (or 10 working days) that all employees now receive. Please note that this does not apply to employees are currently in probationary status, they will continue to receive only 10 days of vacation a year. Question 173: What kind of additional benefit are employees to be given? Choose one answer. a. More vacation time b. More sick days c. More comprehensive health be d. More chances for a salary incre Question 72 Marks: 5 Question 174: How many vacation days will an employee of 12 years receive? Choose one answer. a. 12 days b. 14 days c. 16 days d. 18 days Question 73 Marks: 5 Question 175: Who will NOT immediately benef this increase? Choose one answer. a. New employees b. Employees currently on vaca c. Long-time employees d. Employees in good standing Question 74 Marks: 5 Questions 176-178 refer to the following notice. We appreciate your purchase of the Gogo pogo stick. Though our pogo sticks can offer your child years of bouncing enjoyment if cared for properly, we offer a three-month unconditional warranty on our product. If for any reason the pogo stick breaks, or if you are unsatisfied with the product, just retumitto the retailer for a full refund. To help ensure enjoyment for a long time to come, we offer the following care tips: It's important to oil the piston and spring of the pogo stick every month or so depending on how often it is used. It should not get wet in any way, as this may cause rust. We also do not recommend that people who weigh more than 70 kilograms use the pogo stick, it is designed for children after all. Attached to this warranty you will fmd a customer feedback form, please fill it out so we may improve our products. You may also submit this information on out website Question 176: What kind of notice is this? Choose one answer. a. An official business memo b. A customer complaint form c. A warranty d. A product assembly manual Question 75 Marks: 5 Question 177: What's the writer warning the customers to avoid? Choose one answer. a. Letting the product rust b. Oiling the stick c. Allowing children for play d. Reselling it to others Question 76 Marks: 5 Question 178: What kind of document is attached to this notice? Choose one answer. a. An online form b. A feedback survey c. A warranty d. A care guide Question 77 Marks: 5 Questions 179-180 refer to the following memorandum. To: All Department Heads From: Chris Fontaine, CEO A reception for new managerial staff will be held from noon to 1 :30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 10, in the boardroom. Snacks will be available at 12: 10 and lunch will be brought in at 12:30. Every department head should attend. This gathering will provide an opportunity for experienced and newly appointed managers to meet each other at the start of new year. Question 179: What is being announced? Choose one answer. a. A training course for team leaders b. A gathering for managerial employees c. A reception for workers' families d. A meeting for the board of directors Question 78 Marks: 5 Question 180: When will food be served? Choose one answer. a. At 12:00 b. At 12:10 c. At 1 :00 d. At 1 :30 Question 79 Marks: 5 Questions 181-185 refer to the following memos. To: All Members of the Board From: James Rotner Date: November 28th, 2006 Subject: Meeting to discuss shortage of automobile parts I am calling a meeting at 3 p.m. tomorrow to discuss the shortage of automobile parts for the upcoming holiday season. Some of you have already mentioned that various components are hard to obtain from the usual sources. We have looked into the matter, and it turns out the main reason we are experiencing difficulty with our usual sources is because our competitor, Fenway Automobiles, has recently offered them a much more lucrative contract. It is important that we obtain the needed items soon, through finding new suppliers. Unless we do so, we may not be able to meet our holiday deadline. As you all know, the demand for new automobiles goes up at the end of the year, and we want to make sure we meet the demand for cars on time. It is no secret that Fenway Automobiles has been giving us a good run for our money. I believe that this holiday season is our chance to rise above the competition and find a firm, unshakable foothold in the industry. Therefore, it is crucial that everyone attend this meeting. Also, I would appreciate it if you came with any ideas concerning useful strategies against Fenway Automobiles. If you have any additional questions or suggestions, be sure to contact me or my secretary . To: James Rotner From: Rachel Cooper Date: November 29th, 2006 Subject: [RE]: Meeting to discuss shortage of automobile parts I am sorry but I don't think I will be able to attend the meeting you called this afternoon because I have a doctor's appointment at 2:30. However, I know someone who may be able to get into contact with new suppliers if we should need them. Although these suppliers seem to want a higher price, it will probably be hard to find other suppliers willing to work together so late in the year. I will get back to you after collecting more information. Question 181: What is the purpose of the memorandum? Choose one answer. a. To cancel a meeting b. To call a meeting c. To inform the employees about the holiday seasont d. To remind the employees to get in touch with the suppliers Question 80 Marks: 5 Question 182: Which holiday season is James Rotner referring to? Choose one answer. a. Independence Day b. Memorial Day c. Christmas d. Valentine's Day Question 81 Marks: 5 Question 183: What will be the main subject of the meeting? Choose one answer. a. Deciding on a deadline b. Deciding on a new marketing strategy c. Finding a new secretary d. Discussing new suppliers and the company's competition Question 82 Marks: 5 Question 184: Why will Rachel Cooper not be able to attend the meeting? Choose one answer. a. She has to go pick up her child. b. She has to go see the doctor. c. She has to go meet a friend. d. She has to collect information on a new supplier. Question 83 Marks: 5 Question 185: Why does Rachel Cooper think it will be hard to find other suppliers? Choose one answer. a. There are none who meet the requirements. b. Other suppliers are too expensive. c. The holiday season is too ciose. d. Fenway Automobiles has already gotten into contact with all of them. Question 84 Marks: 5 Questions 186-190 refer to the following article and announcement. Bad News for Our Economy -Experts Forecast a Rapid Recession during Second Half of the Year April 6th, 2006 Many forecasting experts have announced that they have determined a recession in progress, with its cycle peak estimated to be in October 2006. The recession could be set in motion by a decline in consumer purchasing, since consumers are becoming more sensible about what they buy. A more likely cause would be failure of economic growth. However, these are causes speculated by the public. Andrew Bushee, an expert at Anderson Center at the University of California, outlines three main reasons for the recession visible on the horizon. He lists the recent power crisis, inflation concerns, and significant global trade imbalances. At a press conference last week, he announced that a tight financial budget for the next year will be required to overcome th~ recession. Top on the list of government priorities, according to this budget plan, should be allocating more time and effort to sectors of the economy which will be most effective in stimulating economic growth and development. According to the econometric model used by certain forecasters, the probability of a looming recession is as high as 90%. So far, a dwindling GDP, hiking unemployment, reduced investment, and job cuts have been predicted. JOB CUT ANNOUNCEMENT Due to the recent recession in economy, we are announcing a cut of an additional 500 jobs over the next two years. The job cut will just be a part of our restructuring plan. Losing more than JO percent of our work force will be an aspect of the plan that is essential in orderto reduce costs and become more efficient in our operating margin. Iriaddition to cutting a number of employees, we ask remaining employees to take salary cuts and trim expynses to the bone. Because the economy is in poor shape now, and our company is suffering as a result, we need more than ever to be in decent financial shape. Thank you. Question 186: When do the experts predict the peak of the recession will be? Choose one answer. a. This October b. In two years c. Next October d. It has already passed. Question 85 Marks: 5 Question 187: What is NOT a cause of the predicted recession? Choose one answer. a. The energy crisis b. Major companies' restructuring c. A general increase in the level of prices d. Trade imbalances Question 86 Marks: 5 Question 188: What is NOT a predicted outcome of the recession? Choose one answer. a. Unemployment b. Reduced investment c. Job cuts d. Bankruptcy of banks Question 87 Marks: 5 Question 189: Why is the company making job cuts? Choose one answer. a. As a result of unsatisfactory work on the part of the employees b. To make sure the remaining employees receive adequate attention c. In order to employ new workers d. As a result of a decline in the economy Question 88 Marks: 5 Question 190: The phrase "to the bone" in paragraph 2, line 7 is closest in meaning to Choose one answer. a. As much as possible b. Violently c. In a stingy manner d. Painfully Question 89 Marks: 5 Questions 191-195 refer to the following mail. BUSINESS REPLY MAIL FIRST-CLASS MAIL PERMIT NO. 1159 BOONE IA GAMEPRO THE WORLD'S LARGEST MULTIPLATFORM GAMING MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION DEPARTMENT PO BOX 37579 BOONE IA 50037-2579 GamePro EX gives you everything! YES! Sign me up for GamePro EX-only $29.97 for one year (12 issues)! I know every issue will have gaming extras like a disc, poster, strategy guide, and other great GamePro stuft ! Name William Lee Address 5468 Roxbury Street City/State/Zip Calgary. Alberta. Canada, 08401 Email Send an additional $20 for Canadian orders and $40 for foreign orders prepaid in U.S. dollars. To: John From: Will Date: November 30th, 2006 Subject: GAME PRO! Dear John, I finally subscribed to GamePro! Thank you so much for recommending the magazine. I've received two issues so far and I think they're really great. You still subscribe to the magazine, right? I was wondering if you wanted to subscribe to Electronic Gaming Monthly with me. I saw an ad for it in GamePro. The reason I'm asking you to subscribe to it together is because the subscription fee is quite high, and I thought it might be better to share the subscription with you, since we are both fans of gaming. Write back ASAP! Thanks Question 191: What is GamePro? Choose one answer. a. A computer game b. A card game c. A game disc d. A gaming magazine Question 90 Marks: 5 Question 192: What is NOT included in the list of extr products that come along with each issue? Choose one answer. a. CD b. Membership card c. Poster d. Strategy manual Question 91 Marks: 5 Question 193: What information is NOT included in th first postcard? Choose one answer. a. The address of the subscription department b. The email address of the subscript department c. The address of the subscriber d. The email address of the subscribe Question 92 Marks: 5 Question 194: What does William propose in his ema John? Choose one answer. a. To read GamePro together b. To lend him two issues of Electron Gaming Monthly c. To subscribe to a magazine togeth d. To recommend a gaming magazin Question 93 Marks: 5 Question 195: What can be inferred from the passage Choose one answer. a. GamePro is a successful magazine b. William Lee did not pay his bill on time. c. William Lee paid $49.97. d. John is paying for William's subscription. Question 94 Marks: 5 Questions 196-200 refer to the following letter. Wise Conference Center P.O. Box 98212 Troy; CA 92232 September10,2006 Mr. Joel Passon Discovery Corporation 132 Caller Avenue Troy CA 92232 Dear Mr. Passon: We are pleased to confirm with you the arrangements for your conference at Wise Conference Center during November 24-26, 2006. From the information you have provided to us, you are expecting between 100 and 150 people for a three days long conference. We will reserve a room that can be closed off or opened up to match the final number of people. We have all the audio-visual systems available for you to use, so just please let us know if you need anything. We wanted to confirm with you that you will not need any catering. However, if you end up changing your mind, please let us know before November 15, so that we can call and make an arrangement with a catering company. I have included the total estimated price for your three days long conference. Please call me for any questions or concerns. Again, I appreciate you choosing Wise Conference Center. I am excited to see how the service we will offer you will aid you in all your activities and seminars during the three days. Sincerely, Alicia Rosas Events Manager Wise Conference Center Ms. Alicia Rosas Wise Conference Center 15677 Nation St. Monterey, CA93940 Dear Ms. Rosas, I thank you for your cooperation, it will truly help us to have a great and successful conference this coming November. However, there are several questions that I wanted to ask you. I was wondering if the Wise Conference Center has any fitness room, swimming pool, or spa etc., for us to enjoy, how big the cafeteria is, how many people are sharing one room, and if there are any nice parks for families to enjoy. Also, I have a few disabled people that will be coming to our conference, and I was wondering if your conference center has adequate facilities for those people so that they are as comfortable as possible. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Joel Passon Discovery Corporation Conference & Seminar Manager Question 196: What is the first letter about? Choose one answer. a. Ms. Alicia is trying to make an arrangement to ho\d a con'erence. b. Ms. Alicia is informing a client about their arrangement for a conference. c. Ms. Alicia is asking her client details about the conference. d. Ms. Alicia is booking the date for her customer's conference. Question 95 Marks: 5 Question 197: What is NOT true about the conference? Choose one answer. a. The conference is only three days long. b. The conference center is expecting from 100 to 150 people. c. The conference will be held in LA,CA. d. The conference center can provide all the audio and visual equipment. Question 96 Marks: 5 Question 198: What should Mr. Passon do in order to get catering? Choose one answer. a. He must call the catering company and make arrangements before Nov.I 15. b. He must let Ms. Alicia know 4 days before the conference. c. He must bring his own cooks to cook. d. He must ask Wise Conference Center staff for it before Nov. 15. Question 97 Marks: 5 Question 199: What is NOT one of Mr. Passon's questions? Choose one answer. a. 1he capacity 0' ca'eteria b. Whether it has facilities his people can enjoy c. Room arrangements for people d. Entertainments like movies for families Question 98 Marks: 5 Question 200: What is Mr. Passon's big concern? Choose one answer. a. He has a son who will need assistance in attending the conference. b. He wants the disabled people to have their own rooms. c. He wants the handicapped people to enjoy the conference. d. He wants the handicapped people to be able to use all their facilities. Question 99 Marks: 5 Questions 161-162 refer to the following want ad. Jump-start Your Career in Marketing ABC Marketing is currently offering internships to 10 hardworking up and comers in this field. We are requesting applications from any and all students who expect to graduate this spring. This is not exclusively for Marketing majors, but some knowledge of the marketing world will be considered an asset. If you are interested in this position, please submit the attached application form along with the following: -your university transcript -a photo of yourself -2 letters of recommendation (one from an employer, and one from a teacher or professor) -an essay of 500 words or less explaining why you should be our choice as an intern at our firm. We look forward to receiving your application. Question 161: What kind of opportunity is presented here? Choose one answer. a. A medical internship b. An executive position at a marketing firm c. An entry level position for university graduates d. A management position Question 100 Question 162: Which item does NOT need to be included with the application? Choose one answer. a. 2 letters of recommendation b. An essay c. A photo of yourself d. A portfolio

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