Bộ đề thi toeic năm 98

101. Register your name and address on the Web site in order to ------- a purchase online. (A) make (B) shop (C) owe (D) use 102. All ------- for time off must go through the Human Resources Department first. (A) request (B) requests (C)

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2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101. Register your name and address on the Web site in order to ------- a purchase online. (A) make (B) shop (C) owe (D) use 102. All ------- for time off must go through the Human Resources Department first. (A) request (B) requests (C) requested (D) requesting 103. Despite it being his first time in an authority position, Mark led the project remarkably -------. (A) partly (B) even (C) yet (D) well 104. The detailed analyses of third and fourth quarter sales are included in ------- final report. (A) he (B) his (C) him (D) himself 105. Any visitors to the production facilities must ------- a security pass from the information desk at the front entrance. (A) allow (B) achieve (C) obtain (D) remind 106. Students enrolled as full-time can fully ------- in the university extracurricular clubs. (A) participate (B) participant (C) participating (D) had participated 107. Dr. Byer is ------- with the renovations made to his clinic by the remodeling company. (A) pleasing (B) pleased (C) pleasant (D) pleasure 108. When picking up your rental car, make sure to inspect the vehicle ------- for pre-existing damages. (A) strongly (B) firmly (C) extremely (D) thoroughly Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 109. For more ------- about this month's special bargains, contact one of our customer representatives at 555-5258. (A) detail (B) details (C) detailed (D) detailing 110. Staff members are required to follow the ------- regulation as written in the employee manual unless otherwise indicated by their supervisors. (A) distant (B) current (C) confident (D) alive 111. The mechanic was able ------- the faulty wiring in the conference room. (A) repaired (B) repairing (C) to repair (D) will repair 112. It is ------- urgent nor essential for Quality Brand Inc. to update its internal network at this time. (A) neither (B) nevertheless (C) therefore (D) if 113. Excel Energy Corporation's new online training program has ------- features and forum discussions for trainees. (A) interactive (B) symptomatic (C) conclusive (D) broken 114. Fabric Masters sells a variety ------- premium cotton shirts to more than 35 companies located internationally. (A) across (B) into (C) of (D) in 115. Because of high consumer demand for organic products, we have to produce them ------- than ever before. (A) so fast (B) fast (C) faster (D) too fast 116. Please remind the presenters that the ------- of the talk should not exceed the 45-minute time limit. (A) instant (B) length (C) attention (D) specification Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 117. After giving the team their assignment, the project manager left them to figure out a strategy on -------. (A) they (B) their own (C) them (D) themselves 118. The customer on hold on line two has questions ------- our cancellation and refund policies. (A) between (B) onto (C) next (D) regarding 119. Our senior advisor joined the company last year and transformed us ------- a local distributor to a worldwide enterprise. (A) from (B) about (C) toward (D) even 120. To be ------- for the corporate shareholder's program, you must have been working here for at least three consecutive years. (A) eligible (B) considerate (C) available (D) partial 121. Following completion of the three-day workshop, participants will be required to answer a ------- questionnaire about the usefulness of the sessions. (A) brief (B) briefly (C) briefest (D) briefed 122. Shoppers can save up to sixty percent ------- ordering their HomeCare Rice Cooker through the catalogue before January. (A) at (B) as (C) by (D) in 123. IKO Home has revealed a brand new line of furniture specially designed for college students who ------- in small dormitories. (A) reside (B) resident (C) residing (D) residence 124. Opening our branch office in one of the less crowded areas of the city would be more beneficial for our employees and less costly ------- moving downtown. (A) while (B) but (C) than (D) and Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 125. Business consultant Laura Freeman was ------- available to advise our administrative team during the merger negotiations with KEMP Steel. (A) continue (B) continuity (C) continuous (D) continuously 126. Four of the hotel's executive suites have been ------- for traveling diplomats who are on overseas assignments. (A) placed (B) reserved (C) collected (D) remained 127. Prior to takeoff, flight personnel have to make sure that ------- of the passengers has fastened their seat belt and is sitting in an upright position. (A) every (B) all (C) much (D) each 128. For the graphic designer position, we need an applicant with both educational and professional qualifications who seeks to partake in a business from its -------. (A) cause (B) solution (C) inception (D) growth 129. Floor personnel should not sign out from their shift ------- all of the shelves are adequately stocked. (A) except (B) until (C) soon (D) earlier 130. The front and rear exits of the cinema will be open after the movie has finished so that viewers can depart in an ------- fashion. (A) orderly (B) enduring (C) apparent (D) accomplished 131. We at Kitchen Supplies guarantee that orders will be delivered ------- three weeks time. (A) within (B) sometime (C) nearby (D) during 132. Kevin Cruiser has been promoted to assistant manager of production ------- his long record of hard work and dedication to the company. (A) up to (B) furthermore (C) because of (D) given that Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 133. A recall on the XS model engine was announced after the factory received ------- that smoke appeared after only two or three hours of driving. (A) complains (B) complained (C) complaints (D) complainer 134. Increasing ------- in the technology industries in Asia will force companies to recruit more qualified candidates. (A) challenge (B) encounter (C) opponent (D) competition 135. In the case of flight delays or ------- unexpected changes in schedules, the meeting will be moved to a more suitable time. (A) others (B) another (C) any other (D) one another 136. The deadline for this month's articles for Fame Magazine has been ------- to August 30. (A) opened (B) extended (C) finished (D) progressed 137. Despite having received positive reviews by industry critics, sales of the digital MP3 player have been quite -------. (A) disappoint (B) disappointed (C) disappointment (D) disappointing 138. Maria has been ------- appointed to serve as the chairperson for the treasury committee, but the position will not be permanently filled until later this month. (A) provisionally (B) comparably (C) restrictively (D) critically 139. Construction crews have torn up the town's main road ------- find that the underground water system is in the way of their plans. (A) so as (B) only to (C) even though (D) in order that 140. ------- the company's official financial advisor, Mr. Jefferson is privy to top-secret information and statistics about the company's performance. (A) To be (B) Be (C) Being (D) Has been Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 141 to 143 refer to the following memo. To: Staff, Research and Development Dept. From: Jasmine Sparks, Manager Date: October 20 Re: David Yang’s farewell party I’m sure everyone in the department knows that David Yang will be leaving the company to work for Meyers and Goldman by now. A farewell party ------- for David from 5:30 to 8:30 P.M. on Friday, 141. (A) will be held (B) is held (C) had been held (D) was held October 31, in the main conference room. I would like to ask each of you to contribute a small sum of money for a present that the department will purchase for David in appreciation for the excellent work he has done ------- the years. I have asked my secretary, Claudette, to receive your donations, so please 142. (A) past (B) since (C) around (D) over drop by her desk before the end of next week. It is my hope that you will be able to join the entire department in honoring David’s ten years with the company. Please get in touch with Claudette by 5 P.M. on Monday, October 27 to let us know ------- you 143. (A) whenever (B) whether (C) whose (D) what will be attending the commemoration. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 144 to 146 refer to the following letter. Dear Mr. Castro: It is my pleasure to ------- you that beginning next month, Chrislyn Spano will be Gibson & Dunn’s 144. (A) be informed (B) informing (C) inform (D) be informative Real Estate representative in your area. Ms. Spano has been assisting clients in purchasing land and housing in the Bromley area for the last seven years. She is very ------- in her field, and we are fortunate to have her in our London office. 145. (A) probable (B) perceived (C) represented (D) knowledgeable If you are interested in buying -------, please write to her at cs@gibsondunn.com. 146. (A) material (B) property (C) replacements (D) equipment Very sincerely yours, MARILYN CARR Manager Gibson & Dunn, London Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 147 to 149 refer to the following article. To help pay for infrastructure improvements, Governor Bill Anderson ------- a $1 increase on the 147. (A) will approve (B) is approving (C) has approved (D) would approve toll fee for vehicles entering the western turnpikes. The governor’s decision took effect last week. It is expected that an amount of $80 million dollars will be generated from the increase this year and will be used to repair the state’s turnpike system. -------, the Transport Authority is now scheduling tunnel 148. (A) Instead (B) Similarly (C) Before (D) Accordingly and road renovations to ensure drivers’ convenience and safety. In a press conference held last week, Governor Anderson addressed the motorists’ concerns. He said that although the toll fee increase is -------, he believes that it will improve road and 149. (A) unstable (B) unpopular (C) inefficient (D) insufficient traffic conditions for all drivers using the turnpike. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 Questions 150 to 152 refer to the following letter. GIL DURDIN Director Newline Shopping Center Dear Mr. Durdin, In high-traffic establishments such as yours, floors are used around the clock as deliverymen bring goods and people come and go into the building. Given the ------- use, the floors must be very 150. (A) convenient (B) constant (C) preferred (D) flexible durable to remain usable over the years. To ------- this matter, Floorbest, Inc. has designed a special protective floor system specially for 151. (A) research (B) achieve (C) prevent (D) address supermarkets and commercial centers like yours. We are the speediest installer in your region! After you make an order, a Floorbest installer will visit your location within two business days to take the exact specifications for your business. Installation of the new flooring system ------- within four weeks. 152. (A) will be guaranteeing (B) will guarantee (C) is guaranteed (D) was guaranteed To request a free estimate, please call today at 373-4555. CLYDE PARKER Manager Floorbest, Inc. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved. 2008년 10월 토익 기출 변형 문제 101 A 102 B 103 D 104 B 105 C 106 A 107 B 108 D 109 B 110 B 111 C 112 A 113 A 114 C 115 C 116 B 117 B 118 D 119 A 120 A 121 A 122 C 123 A 124 C 125 D 126 B 127 D 128 C 129 B 130 A 131 A 132 C 133 C 134 D 135 C 136 B 137 D 138 A 139 B 140 C 141 A 142 D 143 B 144 C 145 D 146 B 147 C 148 D 149 B 150 B 151 D 152 C ※ 해설은 에서 확인하세요. Copyright www.Hackers.co.kr All rights reserved.

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