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41. Although she had an injured ankle, Esther still won the tennis match. Despite 42. It was such a long journey that they were all asleep by the time they arrived. The journey 43. Unfortunately, Nick was too short to be a good basketball player. Unfortunately, Nick wasn’t 44. The exam question was so easy that all the students got it right. It was such 45. My brother stopped smoking now. My brother used 46. They say that the company is in difficulty. The company 47. “Where’s the best place to buy souvenirs ?” I asked her 48. You won’t lose weight if you don’t stop eating much. Unless 49. To know English is necessary. It is 50. Cars are faster than buses. Buses aren’t 51. He has been collecting stamps for five years. He started 52. Remember to check your flight number. Don’t 53. Apples are usually cheaper than oranges. Apples are not 54. Belinda felt very tired but she still went to the party. Though 55. He can’t pass the exam because he doesn’t work hard. If he 56. Sally’s parents gave her a bicycle for her birthday. Sally 57. It is difficult to train dogs. Dogs 58. Let’s go abroad for our holiday this year. Why .? 59. How long is it since they moved here ? When 60. It took us two hours to water the flowers. We spent 61. He is extremely rich but he is not happy. In spite 62. He drives very carefully. He is 63. “Turn down the radio, Tom” Tom’s mother told 64. My father usually has me clean his bicycle. My father usually has 65. “You shouldn’t go to school late” The teacher said. The teacher advised 66. We couldn’t answer those two difficult questions. Those two questions 67. Mark is too young to see that horror film. Mark isn’t 68. People in many countries are watching this football match on T.V This football match 69. We couldn’t drive because of the fog. The fog prevented 70. I stopped. I bought a newspaper. I stopped

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n. Mr. Scott was a keen gardener. He would always be looking after his lawn or his flowers and Paul was (4)________ the habit of saying a few words to him over the fence. One summer’s evening, as Paul was on his way home from school, he saw, as (5)________, Mr. Scott in his garden. The old man was busily weeding his flowerbeds. When he saw Paul, he invited him into the garden with a (6)________ of his hand. Slowly, they strolled all around, admiring the various flowers. Then, to Paul’s surprise, Mr. Scott bent down and picked a (7)________ of his finest dahlias. ‘Here boy,’ he said. ‘Give these to your mother.’ No sooner had he arrived home than he (8)________ the flowers to his mother. He then told her that they were with Mr. Scott’s compliments. His mother’s face went red with anger. ‘You wicked boy!’ she shouted. ‘How (9)________you say such a thing! I (10)________ into his daughter in the supermarket this morning. She told me that the poor old chap had passed away in his sleep last Friday. 1. A. set B. put C. fixed D. programmed 2. A. bodies B. minds C. spirits D. phantoms 3. A. points B. indicates C. states D. shows A. on B. in C. within D. with A. frequent B. common C. often D. usual 6. A. rise B. spread C. wave D. shake 7. A. carton B. bunch C. roll D. packet 8. A. submitted B. turned C. presented D. demonstrated 9. A. should B. dare C. would D. wrong 10. A. bumped B. struck C. rushed D. knocked Œ FLOODS IN DORCHESTER _____(1) six o’clock yesterday evening, the River Thames burst its banks and flooded a wide area. By nine o’clock the floods had reached the town of Dorchester. The main street was soon _____ (2) three feet of water. Water engines arrived quickly to pump away the water, but heavy rain made their job very _____ (3). Mrs. Rose Willow, a _____ (4) nearly 80 years old, and living alone in her cottage, was trapped upstairs for three hours. _____ (5), rescue workers were able to rescue her with ladder and a small _____ (6). “My cat, Tibbles, stayed with me all the time,” said Mrs. Willow. “She _____(7) me a lot. She sat with me, so I didn’t feel afraid. ” The rain has finally stopped, the river level is falling and the weather forecast is good, _____(8) the floods have done a great deal of damage. “Luckily, nobody was drowned (die in water) or injured,” Chief Rescue Office Hawkins _______ (9) reporters, “but it will take a long time to _______ (10) the mess. ” 1. A. In B. To C. At D. Until 2. A. over B. under C. through D. between 3. A. easy B. difficult C. quick D. lean 4. A. girl B. man C. lady D. child 5. A. Finally B. Final C. Last D. Firstly 6. A. ship B. boat C. car D. bicycle 7. A. worried B. frightened C. bored D. helped 8. A. but B. also C. therefore D. so 9. A. said B. asked C. told D. spoke 10. A. clear B. develop C. take D. fight Œ‘ December 25 is Christmas. Christmas is both a national holiday and a religious holiday. Christmas remember (1) of Jesus Christ on Christmas. Many non-Christians celebrate it, too. The Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving, in (2) . November. Christmas is a time for giving presents to friends, family and poor people. Churches, businesses and other groups give money, food and toys to (3) families. Some people make gifts, but most people (4) . presents in stores. Stores get very crowded around Christmas. There are shoppers everywhere ! Stores have beautiful decorations (5) Christmas colors of red and green. Many people decorate their homes (6) Christmas. They buy trees and decorate them (7) . electric lights and ornaments. Some people put electric lights (8) their houses. (9) Christmas, neighborhoods are beautiful with many bright Christmas lights. Jewish people have a Festival of Lights in December. For 8 days, Jewish people (10) . candles and give gifts. This festival, Hanukkah, is a joyful holiday. A. the birth B. the death C. the Crucifixion D. the Passion A. lately B. latter C. latest D. late A. need B. needy C. needing D. needed A. sell B. give C. buy D. bring A. with B. in C. of D. by A. at B. in C. on D. when A. by B. with C. on D. for A. insides B. beside C. outsides D. outside A. In B. To C. At D. On A. light B. lighten C. lit D. lighted Œ’ On the night of 15th October 1987, the south of England was (13) ____________ by the strongest winds it had known for over two hundred years. (14) ____________ of over 130 km/h blew through the region. Nineteen people were killed, $1,5 billion worth of damage was caused and 19 million trees were (15) _____________ in just a few hours. (16) ______________ people thought of this as a hurricane, the winds of 1987 were only powerful storm force. They are far better than the much more serious storms of 25th January 1990, (17) __________ most of Britain was hit by daytime winds of up to 173 km/h. On this accident, 47 people were killed, even though, unlike in 1987, the weather forecasters issued accurate (18) ____________. A. occurred B. caused C. reached D. struck A. Hits B. Blows C. Gusts D. Clouds A. blown down B. cut down C. set down D. brought down A. Since B. Although C. As D. Because A. that B. where C. when D. which A. warnings B. warns C. threats D. threatening Œ“ New Year is one of the most important (23) ........ in the United States. On New Year’s Eve, most people go to the parties. At twelve o’clock (24) .. night, everybody says “Happy New Year” and they (25) their friends and relatives good luck. New Year’s Eve is usually a long night to many people. They didn’t go home until morning. Another holiday, Halloween, is mainly for children. On this holiday, children (26) as witches, ghosts or others. Most children go from house to house asking for candy and fruit. (27) . the people at the house do not give (28) .. candy, the children will (29) a trick on them. But this (30) .. ever happens. Most people give them candy or fruits. A. festivals B. meetings C. contests D. courses A. on B. at C. in D. for A. dream B. congratulate C. wish D. greet A. wear B. dress C. put on D. take off A. Whether B. So C. Although D. If A. they B. them C. their D. theirs A. say B. tell C. play D. speak A. hardly B. hard C. soon D. always Œ” Why does man want to go to the (1) ? Just for adventure ? True, there is adventure in space travel. But a trip to the moon would also be practical. (2) example, space stations could be built that would give us valuable information about the (3) .. In space station revolving around the earth, men could live and study the cloud formations (4) . its surface. These formations could tell us (5) whether to expect in any part of the world at any time. (6) information would be very (7) . to pilots, to ship captains and even to (8) . who must set dates for planting and harvesting. A. sun B. moon C. earth D. planet A. For B. From C. As D. On A. trip B. news C. weather D. climate A. in B. at C. of D. on A. which B. what C. where D. how A. So B. Too C. Such D. Many A. useful B. useless C. helpless D. careful A. workers B. spaceman C. astronaut D. farmers ‹ Ever since humans have inhabited the earth, they have made (1) _______ of various forms of communication. Generally, this expression of thoughts and feelings has been in the form of oral (2)______. When there is a language (3)______, communication is accomplished through sign language in which motions (4) ______ for letters, words, and ideas. Tourists, the deaf, and the mute have had to (5) ______ to this form of expression. Many of these symbols of whole words are very picturesque and exact and can be used internationally; spelling, however, cannot. Body language (6) ______ ideas or thoughts by certain actions, either intentionally or unintentionally. A wink can be a way of flirting or indicating that the party is only joking. A nod (7) ______ approval, while shaking the head (8) ______ a negative reaction. Other form of nonlinguistic language can be (9) ______ in Braille (a system of raised dots read with the fingertips), signal flags, Morse code, and smoke signals. Road maps and picture signs also guide, warn, and instruct people. (10) ______ verbalization is the most common form of language, other systems and techniques also express human thoughts and feelings. 1. A. usage B. use C. employment D. utility 2. A. address B. speech C. utterances D. claims 3. A. barrier B. obstacles C. divisions D. separation 4. A. point B. signify C. imply D. stand 5. A. refer B. rotate C. resort D. revolve 6. A. progresses B. transmits C. remits D. emits 7. A. signifies B. signs C. registers D. presents 8. A. predicates B. indicates C. abdicates D. implicates 9. A. traced B. trailed C. found D. explored 10. A. While B. As C. Because D. Until Read the passage and decide if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE : Œ Dear Ann, I am very glad to go to Mexico for my vacation. The food is quite tasty and there is fresh fruit everywhere. I have tried several of the local specialties. A lot of fruit is too spicy for me but I am familiar with it now. I had a wonderful baked fish last night. I have also visited many famous places and have gone on some excursions. It’s really interesting. It has been cold and rainy most of the time, but I don’t mind as long as I can enjoy a warm meal and a cup of coffee with some friend at a Mexican coffee shop. I wish you were here with me now. You will love it. Regard, Helen. Helen is going on a holiday with her family in Mexico. Helen used to eat spicy food. The weather has been cold and wet. She likes having warm meal and a cup of coffee with Ann in Mexico.  Canada is the world’s largest countries, but its population is not very large. Canada is in the North America and its capital is Ottawa. It is rich in natural resources. In southern Canada, the land is very good for farming and Canada exports a lot of wheat. In the eighteenth century, there were wars between Britain and French, and Canada came under British rule. Since 1931, English and French are both official languages in Canada. Canada is densely populated country. Canada is to the north of America. The land in Canada is very poor. Two official languages are spoken in Canada. Ž Lan : Excuse me. I was absent from class yesterday, so I don’t know about the school’s regulation you told us yesterday. Miss Mai : I see. So what do you want to know ? Lan : I wonder if we are required to wear uniform. Miss Mai : Yes, of course. You are in grade 10 now, so you have to wear ao dai as your uniform. Lan : How about extra classes ? Do we have to wear ao dai in extra classes in the afternoon ? Miss Mai : No, you needn’t. But you are not allowed to wear jeans or T-shirts in school. I think you had better wear white shirts and dark blue pants. Anything else ? Lan : I think that’s enough. Thank you very much, Miss. Miss Mai : You’re welcome. Lan didn’t go to school yesterday. Miss Mai only told the students about the uniform yesterday. Ao dai is worn in the morning. Students mustn’t wear white shirts and dark blue pants in the afternoon.  Why did English become the international language ? In the middle 19th century, French was the international language. The Britain became powerful in the world. England stated colonies in the North Africa and India in the 17th century. By 1900, England also had colonies in other parts of Asia, Africa and South Pacific. The people in colonies had to use English. Slowly it became more important than French internationally. After the Second World War, the United States became very powerful, and even more people began to learn English. English was the most international language in the 19th century. English slowly became more important than French. More and more people began to study English. Students learn English as a second language in Vietnam.  Rice is a kind of grass. There are more than seven kinds of rice. Most kinds are water plants. Farmers grow rice in many countries, even in the southern part of the United States and Eastern Australia. No one really knows where rice came from. Some scientists think it started to be grown in two places. They think that one kind of rice grew in Southern Asia thousands of years ago. Someone in China wrote about it almost five thousand years ago. Another kind probably grew in West Africa. Other scientists think rice came from India, and Indian travelers took it to others part of the world. There are only three kind of rice. They grew rice in Southern Asia hundreds of years ago. Nobody knows where rice came from. According to the passage, Indian travelers took maize to the other part of the world. ‘ It is estimated that about 200 million people who use the Internet network around the world. Most people use the Internet to get information or for entertainment. A new study, however, says that almost 6% of Internet users are using it so often that it is seriously harming their lives. The study says some people may find it difficult to stop using the Internet because they have become addicted. Someone who is addicted finds it extremely difficult to stop an activity. According to Mr. Greenfield, a psychologist, 30% internet users say that they use the internet to escape from problems or emotions. The study also shows that having discussions with strangers in internet areas called “chat room” is one of the most addictive activities. It’s estimated about 200 million people get access to the Internet every year. Most people like to go on the Internet for information or entertainment. Using the Internet so often can do more harm than good. Someone who is addicted to the Internet just spends a little time going on it. Some people use the Internet to get away from their unpleasant situation. ’Every day on radio, on TV and in the newspaper, we hear, see or read about many problems in the world, for example, pollution problems. Air pollution is the first kind. It mostly comes from fumes released from motorbikes, cars, airplanes, trains and poisonous gases emitted from factories. Also, waste is dumped anywhere, even in the city where many people are living. The second pollution problem is sea pollution. Many people earn their living from fishing in the sea, and the fish they catch feed many people. But the sea has become so polluted from oil spills and factory wastes that the fish are dying. This pollution is not only killing the fish, but it also affecting those people who ate fish. Seldom do you find a place nowadays that is not polluted. This problem is growing more difficult every day. We must find a good solution that makes the world a better place to live. Environmental pollution is one of the world’s problems. Vehicles and factories account for air pollution. Waste is usually dumped in the city where many people are living. The sea water is heavily contaminated by oil spills and industrial sewage. A lot of fish are dying because of marine pollution. Pollution has been reduced to the minimum nowadays. “ Many people still believe that natural resources will never be used up. Actually, the world’s energy resources are limited. No one knows exactly how much fuel is left. However, we also should use them economically and try to find out alternative sources of power. According to Professor Marvin Burnham of the New England Institute of Technology, we have to start conserving coal, oil and gas before it is too late, and nuclear power is the only alternative. However, many people do not approve of using nuclear because it’s very dangerous. What would happen if there was a serious nuclear accident ? Radioactivity causes cancer and may badly affect the future generations. Natural resources will never run out. We don’t know exactly how much fuel is left. We shouldn’t waste natural resources. According to Mr. Burnham, solar energy can be used as a substitute for natural resources. Many people agree to use nuclear power as an alternative energy. Radioactive waste is harmful for health. ” Last week, our class had a discussion on how to protect the environment, and we came up with some interesting, practical suggestions. Some students suggested using banana leaves to wrap food in order to save paper. Another idea is to reuse and recycle bottles and cans so that we can reduce garbage and save our natural resources. Some other students have decided to go to school by bicycle to save energy and keep the air clean. But another group had a better idea when they suggested taking public buses foe less exhaust fumes and less traffic jams. Our teacher agreed with all opinions, but she also added that things were easier said than done, and that we had to do a lot to make the suggestions become reality. Our class had an environmental protection last week. Banana leaves can be used for wrapping food. Recycling bottles is a good way to reduce trash. The teacher was disappointed with listening to us. • Nowadays, many families are worried about their water bills. Some of the bills are enormous. In fact, they can save their money if they try to reduce the amount of water their families use. There are some easy ways to do this. First, get a plumber to make sure there are no cracks in the pipes. Second, do not use baths because they use twice as much water as showers : take showers instead. And at last but no least, remember to turn off the faucets since a dripping faucet can waste up to 500 liters of water a month. By doing these things, we can save both our own money and for future generations. Some families pay a lot of money on their waste. A plumber checks if people in the family take showers. Dripping faucets contribute to the waste of water. Future generations will not need to use water. ŒŒ Drought is a condition that becomes when the average rainfall for a fertile are drops far below the normal amount for a long period of time. In areas which are not irritated, the lack of rain causes farm crops to wither and dead. Forest fires start easily during drought. The soil of a drought are becomes dry. Often the rich topsoil is blown away by the hot, the winds. Animals suffer from the lack of water and even die. The lack of rain for long period causes drought. Drought makes farm crops and animal fresher. During drought people should prevent forest fires. There are usually hot, dry winds during droughts. Œ Lunar New Year or Tet is Vietnam’s main holiday. It is the biggest and the most important celebration in the year which fall between January 21st and February 19th on the Western calendar. Tet’s preparations and celebrations used to be spread over months, but nowadays the holiday is much shorter. However, a great deal of excitement still builds up well before Tet. Shops are full of goods. People are busy buying gifts, cleaning and decorating their houses and cooking traditional food such as sticky rice cakes. On the day of Tet, people visit family members and friends, and they exchange New Year’s wishes. Children receive “lucky money” in red envelopes. Both children and adults take part in games and various forms of entertainment. Tet is really a time of fun and festivals throughout the country. Tet or Lunar New Year Holiday is the most important celebration in Vietnam. Tet always on 20th January in Western calendar. To the text, “lucky money” is given to everyone at Tet. Tet is a great occasion of joy and entertainment. ŒŽ April 1st is April Fools’ Day. Many people like to play jokes or tricks on this day. The jokes are for fun only. They are not harmful or mean. Sometimes you can hear April Fools’ Day jokes on the radio or television. Newspapers often have silly stories on April 1st too. Some silly headlines are on the next page. If you believe the jokes on the radio, TV, or in the newspapers, you will be an “April Fool” Nobody knows where and when April Fools’ Day started. Some people believe it started in France in the 1500s. Some people think it started long ago in Italy. Other people believe it started in India. It doesn’t matter where or when April Foods’ Day began. American like it because they can play jokes on friends and relatives. April Fools’ jokes can be sometimes heard on newspaper. Don’t believe the jokes on the radio, or in newspaper or you will be an April Fool. Everyone believes that April Fools’ Day started in the 1500s. Although Americans don’t know where and when April Fools’ Day began, they like it. Jokes can be played on friends and relatives on April Fools’ Day by Americans. Œ Natural events only become potential risks when they threaten people or property. An earthquake will cause little damage if it takes place in an empty dessert. It may also cause little damage if it takes place in a city like San Francisco, where people can afford to be well protected. A natural event only causes damage when it affects an area where the people are at risk and poorly protected. Disasters occur when these two factors are bought together : people living in unsafe conditions ; a natural risk such as a flood, hurricane or earthquake. In an empty dessert, earthquakes hardly occur. People in San Francisco can be protected from earthquakes. People living in unsafe conditions may get disasters. Floods, hurricanes or earthquakes are natural disasters. Œ The solar system consists of the sun, the planets, the moon, the asteroids and the comets. The word solar means “of the sun”, so the sun is obviously the most important part of the solar system. The nine planets in our solar system are (in order from the sun) Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Mercury is the hottest planet. The sun controls the planets, and each planet controls its moon. The coldest planet is probably Mercury. The most important part of any solar system is the sun. The planets control the sun. The solar system consists of the sun, the planets, the moon and the earth. Œ‘ The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous statues in the world. It’s located on an island in New York Harbor. The Statue of Liberty is of a robed woman who holds a torch up high. It is made of pure copper. The Statue of Liberty was put up on October 28th, 1886. It was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people in the United States. The Statue was built in France. Then it was taken apart, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean in crate, and rebuilt in the USA. The statue weighs 225 tons and is 93 meters tall. There are 25 windows in the crown which comprises the jewels beneath the seven rays of the diadem. The tablet which the Statue holds in her left reads, in Roman numerals, “July 4th 1776”, the date of the United States Declaration of Independence. Visitors can go inside the statue. An elevator runs to the top of the pedestal, and steps within the statue lead to the crown. The Statue of Liberty was presented to the United States by the people of France in the Independence Day. The statue holds a torch in her left hand. The Statue was carried to New York by ship. Visitors have to walk to the top of the pedestal because there are no other choices. Œ’ Many people think the teachers give students too much homework. That say it is unnecessary for children to work at home in their free time. Moreover, they argue that most teachers do not properly have to repeat tasks which they have already done at school. Recently in Greece many parents complained about the difficult homework which the teachers give to their children. Most people agree that homework is unfair. A student who can do his homework in a quiet and comfortable room is in a better position than a student who does his homework in a small, noisy room with television on. Some parents help their children with their homework. Other parents take no interest at their children’s homework. It is important, however, that teachers talk to parents about homework. A teacher should suggest suitable tasks for parents to do with their children. Parents are a better teacher their own children. According to the writer, many parents would like their children to have less homework. Many parents think that doing homework is unnecessary. Countries in Europe, teachers can’t set homework at weekends. A lot of homework hasn’t been planned properly, according to many parents. Doing homework is not good for children’s health. Teachers are allowed to give students homework at weekends. Teacher should advise parents to work together with their children. Only a small number of people think that homework is fair. 6. SENTENCE TRANSFORMATION (Chuyển đổi câu) Rewrite these sentences, so that the meaning staying the same : A. Wish sentences : What a pity ! You aren’t here to help me now. It would be nice to be able to drive a car. Tom won’t come to my birthday party tomorrow. John didn’t go to school yesterday. Our teacher shouts us very often. It’s a pity. I don’t have a mobile phone. You can’t come to the theater with me. I’m really sorry I speak English very slowly. Shame on you ! You weren’t at home two days ago. She doesn’t know the way to the mosque on this street. He has never come on time since yesterday. Mai can’t visit her pen pal in Malaysia. Their old house wasn’t near West Lake. He’s sorry he often gets bad marks. What a pity I missed the film. Used to / Be, get used to : John stopped smoking 10 years ago. They lived in Seoul some years ago. Cold weather makes Mary stay at home. They destroyed the flower garden in the park. I feel nervous. I have not travelled by air before. ... It’s very cold in Hue in winter. Don’t worry ! I have been living in Hue for 12 years. I am very nervous when riding on the left. This is the first time I have eaten this food. They often walked to Vung Tau on the weekend. Ben drank a lot of coffee but now he prefers tea. Passive Voice : Mr. Tam is painting his pictures with his patience. à Mary is cutting the cupcake with a sharp knife. à Bad weather has delayed flight 202 from Miami.à Brothers Lazlo and Geogre invented the ballpoint pen.à You must clean the floor before you paint it.à The girl has to decide to study law or pharmacy.à People can’t learn a foreign language in this week. à People think that he was a famous doctor 10 years ago. à Every year, Viet Nam exports millions of tons of rice. à . Vietnamese people celebrate their Lunar New Year Festival around January and February. à Our teacher always advises us to study harder on the second term. à . The Library of Congress in the USA employs over 5000 employees. à My mother is making “Special Chinese Fried Rice” in the kitchen now. à They are planning to see a new film called “Thor 2”. à They are broadcasting the World Cup soccer games all over the world. à They have celebrated the Teacher’s Day largely since 1982. à Science and Technology have completely changed human’s life. à People have built this building of bricks, stones and cement. à Nga has typed the report about polluted environment for 2 hours. à The boy broke the window and took away some money. à Someone cut down the tree in the garden yesterday. à The artist painted a huge picture to raise fund for the poor children. à Mai wrote some articles about the damage of 11th storm. à Someone was making coffee while I walked into the kitchen. à My father was fixing the electrical sockets at this tome yesterday. à SJC Company was holding the meeting while it began to rain. à Mrs. Green was mending the bladder at ten yesterday. à The chief engineer was instructing all the workers of the plant. à Mr. Han is going to visit Hanoi on his work next week. à This company will organize an art exhibition next month. à Nguyen Hue School will hold the English-speaking contest on next Friday. à Tom will return those books back to the library tomorrow. à The postman will deliver newspaper to him next week. à They can’t make tea in cold water. They have to make tea in hold water. à A sudden increase in water pressure may break the dam. à Present Perfect Tense : She hasn’t gone out with him for 5 months. à The last time We haven’t seen such a cruel mother before. à This is the first It’s two years since we last saw Mr. Jones. à We haven’t This is the first time I have visited the USA. à I haven’t I have learnt English for 10 years now. à I began She moved to London 20 years ago. à She has The Pikes haven’t visited Paris for 2 years. à The last time I didn’t see her again for 3 years. à Three years has The last time I saw John was when he was leaving for Edinburgh. à John hasn’t They haven’t liked ice-cream since they ate too much and was sick. à They didn’t .. John’s career as a television presenter began five years ago. à John has How long have your family read Tuoi Tre Newspaper ? à When did your My old friend started working on that farm in 2005. à Since 2005, When did he start teaching Physical Education in this school ? à How long My mother has had this washing machine for a long time. à My mother My father stopped drinking champagne ten years ago. à My father hasn’t Jane’s grandma hasn’t planted trees in the garden for 5 months. à Jane’s grandma stopped I have never met a more warm-hearted person than my mother is. à My mother is I have never seen such a bad film as that one in the cinema. à That is the We haven’t seen Mary since we left the university. à We last So & Because : She can’t work hard because she is too old. She is The story is boring, so I am sleeping now. Because I felt tired, that’s why I went to bed early. Because I can’t go out because it’s raining. It’s I forgot to do the exercises, that’s why the teacher punished me. I was . Because the weather was cold, they had to cancel their picnic. The weather He was very poor, and that’s why he didn’t go to school. Because Laura was very happy because she was given a bike. Laura was The silk dress cost too much, so we didn’t buy it. Because They passed their TOEFL exam because they studied hard. They Adverb clause and phrase of result : Nam studies well. All his friends like him. (SO) . The exercises were too long for me to write in 15 minutes. (SO) They exercises This book is very interesting. I have read it several times. (SUCH) This book . The actor is very popular. Everyone in everywhere can easily recognize him. (SO) The actor His family couldn’t support him because he spent too much money. (SUCH) He spent My friend knows a lot of information about the secret, so he fells afraid. (SO) My friend The weather was not fine enough for them to go camping. (SUCH) The weather It is a narrow road. Two cars are difficult to pass each other. (SO) It is My father drank so much coffee that he couldn’t fall asleep. (SUCH) My father It is too long from here to school for me to walk. (SUCH) It is Reported Speech : "Don't make so much noise," he says. à He asks us "Stop talking, Joe," the teacher said. à The teacher told Joe "Be patient," she said to him. à She told him "Go to your room," her father said to her. à Her father told her "Hurry up," she said to us. à She told us John said to his mother, “I don’t know how to cook soup”. à “We are waiting for the school bus now”, the children said. à “Why are you often late for this class, Minh ?”, Mrs. Tam asked her son. à “Don’t touch this button or you will get a shock, Ha”, his father said. à “When did you last see your sister off ?” John asked Jim. à “I must go to Hanoi today”, my friend said. à “The sun rises in the east and sets in the west”, my teacher said. à “You have to take part in the rice-cooking contest tomorrow”, Nam’s father said. à “It was raining all day yesterday in Nha Trang”, my pen pal said. “I don’t like eating sticky rice cakes”, Mai said to Tam. à “Have you eaten your breakfast yet, Lan ?” her grandmother said. à “Did you see my bike, Tan ?”, Hoa said. à “Where are you going to spend your summer vacation next year, Liz ?” Hoa asked. à “Is Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province ?” Nhi asked Hang. à “Are you going to Lam’s birthday tonight ?”, I asked Hoa. à “ The World War II broke out in 1939 in Germany”, our History teacher said. à Mary asked John, “Do you like listening classical music ?” à “Must we follow this traffic law ?”, Nha said to her husband. à "Where have you been?" the mother asked her daughter. à "Which dress do you like best?" she asked her boyfriend. à “Can you borrow your pen please, Ha?” she asked à “Do you know where my tennis racquet is, Mum?” she asked her Mum à .. “Where will you buy beach blossom for the Tet Holiday, Nga ?” Phi said. à “It was nice of you to invite me to your dinner. Thank you”, Mrs. Lan said to Tuan. à Mrs. Lan thanked “What a beautiful dress you wear today !” Laurence said to Joana. à Laurence complimented Conditional sentences : Type 1 : Recycle and we’ll save natural resources. .. Be careful or you will fall over the rocks. .. Working too much can make you feel tired. Don’t be careless or you’ll break the vase. . Ha can pass the exam, she has to work hard. He can do a part to save the environment by buying recycled products. Putting garbage into the bins is one answer to minimize pollution. We should take the map with us or we will lose our way on the street. Ellen can borrow it, but she must give it back next week. The authorities are thinking of raising the petrol prices. I will have to cycle to work. Type 2 : I can’t give you the answer because I don’t know. . Why don’t you apply for the job ? .. I advise you to pay a visit to Nha Rong Harbor. But for his pension, he would starve. ..... How about going to school by bus ? .. Mrs. Green has no money so he won’t travel to the world. .. Rachel might fall her driving test. But she can take it again. ... The office might be closed. In that case Minh won’t be able to walk in. .. You haven’t got a pen, so you can’t write down the address. .. The number on those houses in this apartment aren’t clearly numbered, therefore I find it difficult to find my cousin’s house. Mixed practice : This car is too heavy for me to move. Morning exercises make me feel healthy. . Without air, we would die. .......... I advise him to stop smoking. . Be calm, or you’ll make a wrong decision. Today isn’t Sunday, so the students don’t go swimming. Because you don’t leave immediately, I call the policeman. I don’t know her number, so I don’t ring her up. Why don’t study hard ? .. Keep silent or you’ll wake the baby up. . I don’t know the answer, so I can’t tell you. .. Go right now or you will be late for the train. He doesn’t apply for the job because he doesn’t have enough qualifications. He never polishes his shoes, so he never looks smart. They do not understand you because you speak too fast. Thu can’t swim, so she doesn’t go swimming in Lam Son Swimming pool. People don’t see the UFO, so they don’t call the National UFO Reporting Center. Making suggestions : What about buying energy-saving bulbs ? Shall Let’s use electricity economically. Why don’t .. Why don’t you ask her yourself ? I suggest you What about organizing a charity event to raise money ? I suggest a charity I suggest unused clothes should be collected for the victims. What about “Why not take the garbage to recycling centers ?” said the local authorities. The local authorities suggested garbage “ Shall we go to the English speaking club ?” Andrew said. Andrew suggested “Why don’t you put an advertisement in this local newspaper ?” they said to me. They suggested that an advertisement “Why don’t you repair the electric fan, Nam” Ba asked. Ba suggested “ Let’s not tell anyone until we are certain that the report is true”, said Tom. Tom suggested Adverb clause of reason : Because I am sick, I do not go out. à Because of Because the water is polluted, we can’t swim in that river. Because of . Because Nga has had a sore leg, she had difficulty in walking. Because of Because he behaved badly, he found himself in trouble. Because of .. Because it was snowing, we didn’t go out for a walk. Because of Because of his good looks, he is popular with many girls. Because Because of his serious sickness, he couldn’t come to the class. Because Because of too much exhaust fume, people have to wear gauze masks in the streets. Because Because of their good performance, they won the first prize. Because ... Because of your advice, we didn’t use that poisonous chemical. Because Adverb clause of concession : Although it got dark, they continued to work. Although it was noisy, I keep on studying. The flight was not delayed it was foggy. He ate all the fruit though it was green. We did the test well in spite of its difficulty. In spite of his strength, I am not afraid of him. Mr. Pike doesn’t wear classes despite his old age. . He didn’t eat much in spite of being hungry. The plane took off in despite the bad weather. He couldn’t solve the problem though he is good at math. .,.. Although he had much experience in machinery, he didn’t succeed in repairing this machine .. Although it rained heavily, I went to school on time. .. Everybody has great regard for him despite his poverty. .. He didn’t stop his car though the traffic lights turned red. .. He studied very well despite his hard life at that time. . Although the streets are narrow, many people drive cars in this city. . Despite being good at English, he wasn’t chosen. . Despite having an English name, he is in fact German. . He always studied hard though he encounters difficulty. . Despite the bad weather, he came to the meeting on time. Relative clause : 1. She is the most intelligent woman. I’ve ever met this woman. 2. This doctor is famous. You visited him yesterday. 3. These children are orphans. She is taking care of these children. 4. The two young men are not good persons. You are acquainted with them. 5. My father goes swimming every day. You met him this morning. 6. The man is my father. I respect this man most. 7. The man is my father. I respect his opinion most. 8. Mary and Margaret are twins. You met them yesterday. 9. I’ll introduce you to the man. His support is necessary for your project. 10. The middle-aged man is the director. My father is talking to him. 11. The boy is my cousin. You make fun of him. 12. The student is from china. He sits next to me. 13. I thanked the woman. This woman had helped me. 14. The professor is excellent. I am taking his course. 15. Mr. Smith said he was too busy to speak to me. I had come to see him. 16. I saw a lot of people and horses. They went to market. 17. Tom has three sisters. All of them are married. 18. I recently went back to Paris. It is still as beautiful as a pearl. 19. I recently went back to Paris. I was born in Paris nearly 50 years ago. 20. Do you know the music? It is being played on the radio. 21. You didn’t tell us the reason. We have to cut down our daily expenses for that reason. 22. The day was rainy. She left on that day. 23. I’ve sent him two letters. He has received neither of them. 24. That man is an artist. I don’t remember the man’s name. 25. One of the elephants had only one tusk. We saw these elephants at the zoo. 26. That car belongs to Dr. Clark. Its engine is very good. 27. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it. 28. This is Mrs. Jones. Her son won the championship last year. 29. Rod Lee has won an Oscar. I know his sister. 30. Is this the style of hair? Your wife wants to have it. 31. A man answered the phone. He said Tom was out. 32. 7.05 is the time. My plane arrives then. 33. Max isn’t home yet. That worries me. 34. Do you know the building? The windows of the building are painted green. 35. Last week I went to see the house. I used to live in it. 36. I don’t know the girl’s name. She’s just gone into the hall. 37. Be sure to follow the instructions. They are given at the top of the page. 38. Hoan Kiem lake is a historical place. Its water is always blue. C. You look different. Have someone done your hair ? Have you had He was unable to paint the fate of his house because of the heavy rain. The heavy rain This will be my students’ first time performance in France. It will be the first time “Can you give me some information about the courses ?” She asked me “If I were you, I would not be absent from class yesterday.” I advised Mary He sings well and plays the guitar well. Not only My mother cooks better than Alan’s mother does. Alan’s mother She bought that television two weeks ago. She has The furniture was so expensive that I couldn’t buy it. The furniture was too It has been ten years since Hong stopped playing the piano. Hong hasn’t Scientists have carried out extensive research into renewable energy sources. Extensive research He bought such a lot of books that he couldn’t read them all. So many You haven’t done your homework, haven’t you ? It’s time Keeping calm is the secret of passing your driving test. As long as you keep She can’t get into that habit of studying every evening. She can’t get Is it all right if I borrow your car tonight ? Would you mind ? She has worked as a secretary since she left school. She began Although Tom eats a lot of chocolate, she never puts on weigh. In spite of “When are you going to Nha Trang Beach ?” My uncle asked me Your daughter is too young to watch this kind of horror film. Your daughter is not Of the five students Mary is the smartest. Among The teacher made her students study hard at school and at home. Her students What about going to New Age Movie Theater tonight ? Why All the students had to stay at home because it rained heavily. It rained heavily enough I have forgotten that actor’s name, but he is very well-known. That actor There is a lot of furniture in this room so we don’t have enough space for the meeting. There is so Why don’t you take the medicine ? If I The match was so boring that they left at half time. They felt What is your date of birth ? When were My father drank so much coffee that he couldn’t get to sleep. My father drank much He hid the letter in a drawer because he didn’t want anyone to read it. (so that) I didn’t bring my camera, so I can’t take a photo with you now. If He is so stupid that he can’t understand the lesson. He is such People believe that Mario’s family brought up that little girl in Italy. That little The First World War began in 1918. (BROKE) “You’ve spoiled my party”, he said. He accused During his law studies he met a future wife. While It took me a fairly long time to answer all my e-mails. I spent City centers are more dangerous than they were 20 years ago. (SAFE) She has never eaten lobster before. This is the Please help your mother with the housework. I’d rather It’s time for children to go to bed. It’s high time The flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Singapore only takes three hours. It takes My history teacher said to students “People in the Middle and North of Vietnam discovered Saigon in the early 1700s.” Saigon was I wish the flight wouldn’t be cancelled due to the bad weather. It’s a pity that I have just met the boy helping you with the work yesterday. The boy In the event of an earthquake, you mustn’t go panicking. If Is email a good way for people to communicate ? Email is The sales of mobile phone have increased considerably since 2005. There has It was difficult for her to connect the new dishwasher. She found Although he is tall, but he can’t reach the top of the ceiling. Tall The match was postponed to the following Sunday because the weather was bad. Owing to Too tired to continue, Philip stopped walking. (CARRY) Parents are often proud of their children’s good result. (PRIDE) Do you own these two shops ? (BELONG) Brussels us a good place to spend a weekend. I’ve visited it several times already. Brussels People didn’t discover AIDS until 1981. Not until Only when something major and comprehensive is done can we prevent war, disease and poverty. In order It’s not a good idea to travel during rush hour. It’s better to avoid Secondary school is free in Britain. You don’t have to The bread is so stale. I can’t eat it. Mr. Taylor fixed the sewing machine for my mother. My mother got As the class representative, I would like to welcome you. On We were told to wait here by the director. It was Speaking during the exam is forbidden. You He couldn’t find me at the exhibition. He was Martin has to wear glasses to read the newspaper. (WITHOUT) Dr. Rowan has to do all his own typing. His secretary resigned two weeks ago. Dr. Rowan He is studying English very hard. He want to study at Harvard University. With a view She can sing and play the piano well. Not only D. 1 It’s a pity! We don’t have today off. I wish 2. I can’t join in your trip as I promised because I have to finish my report on books. If 3. They have held a big march to promote the spirit of the working class. A big march 4. The first May Day meeting was held in America. America is the country 5. You won’t find any accommodation if you don’t book it in advance. Unless 6. I don’t think you should go to work today. You’d better 7. Mandy is excited about going to Greece on holiday. Mandy is looking 10. England has many old towns and villages. There 11. I can’t go climbing and hiking this weekend. I wish 12. When I was a child, I lived in Bristol. We used 13. We felt bored because of his long speech. His long speech Because . 14. You will catch a cold if you don’t keep your feet dry. Unless 15. The book is quite worth reading. You lent me the book last week. The book which 16. He is overweight because he eats so much chocolate. If he 17. When I was ten, I used go to school with my best friend. At the age of ten, I always 18. I don’t normally eat at restaurants. I’m not used 19. They are building a new stadium here. A new stadium 20. I’m sorry I can’t swim. I wish 21. I spend half an hour travelling to work by motorbike every day. It takes 22. I missed the bus this morning so i was late for class. Because 23. We couldn’t drive fast because the traffic was heavy. Since 24. The town was nearer than we thought. The town wasn’t as 25. We spent five hours getting to London. It 26. My brother can’t run as fast as he used to. My brother used to 27. I don’t come by car because I can’t park near my office. If 28. Jane can’t cook very well. Jane isn’t 29. They’ve been living here for six years now. They moved .... 30.”You shouldn’t spend your weekend in the city” She advised me 31. “Can you give me a ride to school” He asked his friend 32. Do you have a postman deliver the newspaper every day ? Do you have the newspaper 33. She and her mother are both beautiful. She is as 34. I’ve never met a more intelligent man than him. 35. It is so cold that we can’t bathe. It is too 36. She doesn’t usually stay up so late. She’s not used 37. We can’t have breakfast in the garden because it is very cold. It is so 38. “You’d better not get up late” my mother said. My mother advised 39. In spite of his age, Mr. Benson runs seven miles before breakfast. Though 40. It is said that he is one hundred years old. He is said 41. Although she had an injured ankle, Esther still won the tennis match. Despite 42. It was such a long journey that they were all asleep by the time they arrived. The journey 43. Unfortunately, Nick was too short to be a good basketball player. Unfortunately, Nick wasn’t 44. The exam question was so easy that all the students got it right. It was such 45. My brother stopped smoking now. My brother used 46. They say that the company is in difficulty. The company 47. “Where’s the best place to buy souvenirs ?” I asked her 48. You won’t lose weight if you don’t stop eating much. Unless 49. To know English is necessary. It is 50. Cars are faster than buses. Buses aren’t 51. He has been collecting stamps for five years. He started 52. Remember to check your flight number. Don’t 53. Apples are usually cheaper than oranges. Apples are not 54. Belinda felt very tired but she still went to the party. Though 55. He can’t pass the exam because he doesn’t work hard. If he 56. Sally’s parents gave her a bicycle for her birthday. Sally 57. It is difficult to train dogs. Dogs 58. Let’s go abroad for our holiday this year. Why..? 59. How long is it since they moved here ? When 60. It took us two hours to water the flowers. We spent 61. He is extremely rich but he is not happy. In spite 62. He drives very carefully. He is 63. “Turn down the radio, Tom” Tom’s mother told 64. My father usually has me clean his bicycle. My father usually has 65. “You shouldn’t go to school late” The teacher said. The teacher advised 66. We couldn’t answer those two difficult questions. Those two questions 67. Mark is too young to see that horror film. Mark isn’t 68. People in many countries are watching this football match on T.V This football match 69. We couldn’t drive because of the fog. The fog prevented 70. I stopped. I bought a newspaper. I stopped THE END

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