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The SLATE application includes a system knowledge base offering context specific help. This tool enables full text searches within the help documentation. The default Help information can be edited.

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SLATE Lecture 25 Getting Started SLATE Login Page The main URL of the system takes you to the Welcome Screen. From the Welcome Screen you can access some basic information from the left Menu Bar: The Message of the Day, which provides updates on new features, service issues, outage messages, etc. Descriptions of Features A list of upcoming Training sessions A link to Help resources Logging In To log into the system, enter your username and password in the text box on top right corner of the Welcome Page and then click “login”. You will gain access to your “My Workspace” page. Username format is: iXXZZZZ f: Faisalabad campus i: Islamabad Campus k: Karachi campus l: Lahore campus p: Peshawar campus XX: batch/ registration yearZZ: Roll number Note: You should change your SLATE account password from “Account” after first login Logging out At the upper right corner is a “Logout” link which allows you to log out of the system. Be sure to click here when you are finished working. Close all browser windows to ensure that you are completely logged out and prevent unauthorized access to your sites by others. The Refresh Button The small button that appears to the left of the name of the tool you're currently using, usually represented by a double arrow, is called the “Refresh Button”. Use the refresh button to return to the main page of any tool, as if you had entered the tool in a new session. Note: Using the browser’s “Back” button will not take you to the prior page, but instead will take you to the prior tool you were using. My Workspace The My Workspace worksite contains its own set of configurable tools unique to this personalized area. The My Workspace worksite provides each user an area containing tools enabling the management of individual information. By default, a user in My Workspace worksite is able to do the following: Post files to a private resource tool View an integrated schedule of all the user’s worksites Create private schedule items View announcements from all the user’s worksites View a list of sites in which the user belongs Join new worksites Manage personal preferences The following sections include a list and description of the default tools available in each user’s My Workspace. Home The Home page is a customizable tool serves as the landing page. By default, the Home page includes the most frequently used tools by worksite users, such as recent announcements, recent messages, and a worksite information page. Profile The Profile tool allows SLATE users to enter personal information and publish this information to other SLATE users. All Site users have the ability to search for published user profiles by user ID or last name. Users have the ability to include a picture for the profile. Note: Users have the option to hide their personal details from others and/or hide entirely the personal profile from others through privacy settings. Users can also add connections that can see his or her status and basic info changes. Membership The Membership tool allows users to view a list of their worksites. In addition, this tool allows users to search for and join available or joinable worksites. The Membership tool in My Workspace is where you can join and unjoin available worksites. Joining and unjoining sites In My Workspace, from the menu bar on left side, click Membership from the list of tools. Click “Joinable Sites” link to see a list of all the available sites of which you are not a member. If you would like to join any of them, click ‘Join’ link under the site name. To unjoin a course or project site: In My Workspace, from the menu bar on left side, click Membership from the list of tools. Under “My Current Sites”, you'll see a list of all the sites to which you belong. (This includes sites you have joined, and sites that you have been added to as a participant by the creator of the site.) If you'd like to unjoin any of them, select the particular site by clicking the check box and then click Unjoin. You may find that there are sites that do not have the checkbox. These are sites in which the Instructor must move you from the Roster. Note: Once a user joins an open worksite, the worksite name appears as a tab on the top of the menu screen. Schedule The Schedule tool provides a calendaring tool for users. In addition, the Schedule tool displays all scheduled items from all the user’s worksites. This comprehensive calendar reveals all personal appointments, assignment due-dates, exam dates, meetings, etc. Finally, the Schedule tool allows for importing calendar files, such as Meeting Maker, Outlook and generic CSV calendar files. Complete the following steps to add a calendar event to the Schedule tool: Login to SLATE. Click the My Workspace tab. Click the Schedule link. Click the Add link located at the top of the screen. Complete the required information. Click Save Event button. Resources Resources tool allows the user to store files. This tool enables users to upload files from a local computer to SLATE. Users may also create a webdav client on their personal computer to allow for easy drag-and-drop. Complete the following steps to add a file to Resources: Login to SLATE Click on the My Workspace tab. Click on the Resources tool. Click the Add link. Choose the Upload files option. Click the Browse button to browse your computer for the file. Click the add details for this item link. Complete the Title, access, item showing and Copyright Status information. If you want to upload another file then click add another file link repeat step 6, 7 and 8. When all files are selected to be uploaded and settings are done then Click Upload files Now button. All files will be uploaded. Complete the following steps to creating a webdav client for the Resources tool: Login to SLATE Click on the My Workspace tab. Click on the Resources tool. Select the Upload-Download Multiple Resources link and follow the detailed instructions Note: For windows 7 and vista choose the 2nd procedure on the instructions page of webdav. That informs to install 3rd party tool. Also note that you must install java jdk 1.6 to use the third party tool to enable webdav If still face any problem query at SLATE SUPPORT Site. Announcements The Announcements tool supplies a summary list of announcements generated from all the worksites that the user belongs to. Worksite Setup The Worksite Setup area enables worksite owners/creators to manage created worksites. The Worksite Setup tool provides information about the worksites to which you currently belong or may join. If you have a role that allows it, you can use this tool to make changes to information about the site, tools available in the site, and access to the site. You can also publish the site using the Worksite Setup tool. Preference The Preferences tool permits SLATE users to manage preferences for Announcements, Email Archive, Resources and the Syllabus. In addition, this tool allows users to customize their own tab Layouts, set time zone, and change the language preference. Note: The preference customizations apply only to the user’s worksites and cannot be customized on an individual site by site basis. Users should change their time zone to be Asia/Karachi from the list of default time zones available. As the default time is not Asia/Karachi. Account The Account tool allows the user to modify and update personal account information. The editable information for students includes only password. Student can change his or her password only by following these steps: Login to SLATE Click on the My Workspace tab. Click on Account link in left menu Click on Modify Details Enter current password Add new password to the text field Re-enter new password to the text field Then click on Update Details button to save changes. Note: Logout and then re-login to check if the changes have Help The SLATE application includes a system knowledge base offering context specific help. This tool enables full text searches within the help documentation. The default Help information can be edited.

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