Understanding wan technologies

Advantages Simplicity Availability Cost Disadvantages Low data rates Relatively long connection setup time

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WAN Connections Understanding WAN TechnologiesWide-Area NetworkNeed for WANsWANs vs. LANsWAN Access and the OSI Reference ModelWAN DevicesRoutersTerminal serversModemsDSU/CSUWAN networking devicesATM switchesFrame Relay switchesPSTNPhysical Layer: WANsSerial Point-to-Point ConnectionsWAN—Multiple LANsWAN Data-Link ProtocolsHDLCPPPFrame Relay (LAPF) ATMWAN Link OptionsCircuit SwitchingPublic Switched Telephone NetworkPSTN ConsiderationsAdvantagesSimplicityAvailabilityCostDisadvantagesLow data ratesRelatively long connection setup timeLeased LineWAN Connection BandwidthConfiguring a Serial InterfaceEnter global configuration mode.RouterX(config-if)#clock rate 64000RouterX(config-if)#RouterX(config)#interface serial 0/0/0 RouterX(config-if)#RouterX#configure terminalRouterX(config)#RouterX(config-if)#bandwidth 64RouterX(config-if)#exitRouterX(config)#exitRouterX#Specify interface.Set clock rate (on DCE interfaces only).Set bandwidth (recommended).Serial Interface show controller CommandShows the serial cable type

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