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The Task pane can be detached from its default location on the right side of the screen and either allowed to float or dock on the left side. Search The Search options are shown in Figure B.47. Windows Desktop Search is integrated into the new SolidWorks Search function. In order for this function to work properly, Windows Desktop Search must be installed (it is located on the SolidWorks CD-ROM), and then your drive or drives must be indexed, which will take some time. FIGURE B.47 The System Options ➪ Search page n Search while typing: With this option enabled, the search takes place immediately as you type the string to be searched instead of waiting for you to press Enter. This enables you to see results on partial strings as well as the complete search name. The SolidWorks Search feature is shown in Figure B.48. TIIP 971 Tools, Options B FIGURE B.48 The SolidWorks Search function n Results per page: The search returns results in the Search panel of the Task pane, with easy-to-see previews, filenames, and path information, as shown in Figure B.49. You can also search on custom property information, as well as keywords. FIGURE B.49 SolidWorks Search results 972 Part VIII Appendixes n Maximum results per data source: This setting allows

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