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1.Are you stressed at work?Are you doing anything about it?You should.And your boss should help you.A stressed employee usually makes mistakes,and mistakes cost money,So,here is our advice: Take a break!Stress causes mistakes.A break really help you to relax. Don't miss lunch!A hungry person doesn't think clearly!And a nice meal doesn't take much time Listen to music!Quiet music usually relaxes your body and mind.Loud music doesn't always help. Laugh!It makes you feel better.Read a funny story or chat with a colleague,then go back to work Try these suggestions next time you are stressed and you will feel better. 1.What is the best title for the passage? A.A hard working day B.How to work without stress C.All work and no play D.How to help a stressed employee 2.Who is a most likely writer? A.A boss B.A teacher C.An employee D.A psychlogist 3.Which sentence is NOT true? A.You spend a lot of money on stressful work B.You can't work effectively if you're stressed C.You often make mistakes when you are hungry D.Quiet music eases your mind. 4.What help a stressed worker to relax? A.A short break and a big meal B.Loud music and laughter C.A nice lunch and a short break D.Loud music and a funny story 5.According to the writer, A.all work and no relaxation

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past century.If you had been born a male a hundred years ago,you would have had a life expectancy of only 44 years- or slightly longer if female.Today the figure are 74 and 78 years respectively. Thanks to antibiotics and better hygiene ,we no longer live infectious fear of infectious diseases.Not only have dicover the importance of balanced diet,but we also have a better understanding of common diseases.Many of these improvements have been brought about by medical research.If we fall ill,the treatments are likely to be based on scientific principles . A hundred years ago,doctors must have relied on guesswork,habit and superstition.However ,although we are living longer and healthier lives than ever before,few people enjoy perfect health,especially when they get older.Many of the benefits of medical research are costly,and take a long time to become available.If future research finds much more about what causes common diseases,we would be able to start looking after ourselves better and have not just longer but live healthier and happier ones ,too. 1.According to the passage,life expectancy of A.woman is general shorter than men. B.people infectious the world today is 44 years longer than that of 100 years ago. C.people infectious the world today is slightly longer than ever before. average man 74. 2.What are infectious diseases no longer dangerous today? A. Because we have discovered the importance of balanced diet. B. Because new medicines have been invented. C. Because people have a longer and healthier life today. D. Because we are able to look after ourselves today. 3.Doctors are relying treat diseases today. A.guesswork. B. scientific principles . C. the benefits of medical research. D. better hygiene . 4.The word brought about in the passage could be best replaced by A.provided. B.carried. C.made. D.obtained. 5.Which of the following sentence is true according to the passage? A. Infectious diseases still threaten people today. B.Thanks to medical treatments,everybody enjoys perfect health. C.Medical research doesn't cost much. D.Common diseases are no longer a problem today. 49. Air pollution occurs when wastes dirty the air.People produce most of the wastes that cause air pollution .Such wastes can be in the form of gases or particulates-particles of solid or liquid matter.These subtances result chiefly from burning fuel to power motor vehicles and to heat buildings.Industrial processes and the burning of garbage also contribite to air pollution .Natural pollutants include dust,pollen,soil particles,and naturally occuring gases. The rapid growth of population and industry ,and the increased use of autoobiles and airplanes,have made air pollution a serious problem.The air we breathe has become so filled with pollutants that it can cause health problems. Polluted air also harms plants ,animals ,building materials,and fabrics.In addition,it causes damage by altering the earth's atmosphere. The damage caused by air pollution costs billions of dollars each year.This includes money spent for health care and increased maintenance of buildings. Air pollution also causes damage to the environment that cannot be reversed. 1.What are particulates? A.They help give motor vehicles their power. B.They are particles of solid or liquid made from fuel burning. C.They are subtances that cause fuel to burn. D.They include the natural sources of air pollution . 2.What is the main idea of the 1st paragraph? A. Air pollution is caused by both human and nature. B.Human makes the air polluted. C.Natural sources of air pollution are more popular. D.We should avoid motor vehicles to limit polution. 3. Air pollution becomes a serious problem A.when people go abroad more. B.when pollutants exist in the air. C.with the growth of population ,industry and motor vehicles . D.with the increasing of the world population . 4. Air pollution is harmful to A.human health B.human life and environment . C.the earth's atmosphere. D.building material. 5.The last paragraph discusses A.the effects air pollution has on human health. B.the maintenance of buildings. C.damage to environment caused by air pollution . D.the financial effects of air pollution . 50.In Hollywood ,everybody wants to be rich ,famous and beautiful.For Hollywood kids,life can be difficult because they grow up in such an unreal atmosphere.Their parents are ambitious ,and the children are parts of their parent's ambitions.Parents pay for extravagant paties,expensive cars ,and designer clothes.When every dream can come true,kids learn the value of nothing because they have everything.A 13-year-old boy Trent Maguire ,has ambitious driver ,credt card,and unlimited cash to do what he wants when he wants."One day I'll earn more than my dad," he boasts. Parents buy care and attention for children because they have no time to get it themselves. Amanda's mother employs a personal trainer,a nutritionists,a bodyguard,a singing coach,and a counselor to look after her 15-year-old daughter's needs.Often there are no parents attention home most days,so children decide whether to make their own meals or go out to restaurants,when to watch TV or do homework.They organize their own social lives.They play no childhood.They become adults before they are ready. 1.What problems do teenagers in Hollywood are facing? A.They have no interest or ambitions B.They are spoilt and ambitious . C.They don't have enough money. D.They don't want to be adults. 2.In what way do Trent and Amanda live? A.They have everything they need and do whatever they want. B,They don'd undestand the value of what they have C.They become adults too soon. D.All are correct. 3.Which of the following sentences is NOT true about the life in Hollywood ? A.Everybody is ambitious . B.The teenagers are too old to be children but too young to be adults C.The adults try hard to be good parents. D.The kids are often attention home alone. 4.The parents in Hollywood A.want their children to do well in life. B.organize every part of their children's lives. C.always listen to all their children's problems. D.don't give their children enough attention. 5.It can be inferred from the passage that's not good for children to grow up in Hollywood's really fantastic to lead ambitious life of luxury . C.parents should satisfy every need of their children. ,beauty snd pleasure are the most important things in life. 51.I had the chance to sit down at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego with Joe Montana before he went onto the field.We didn't know it then,but this would be Joe's last Super Bowl ,his fourth champioship,yet another high point in one of the most remarkable careers not just in professional football,but in all kinds of sports. Joe seemed restless .He had already won everything there is in this game -the respect of teammates and opponents ,coaches and owners,and especially the fans -plus all the awards.I said ,"Joe ,you can't possibly be scared".What he said to me is,I believe ,the key to his success and the reason I consider him the greatest quarterback of all time.He said ,"If you're not afraid of losing ,then losing means nothing". Every time Joe Montana stepped on the field ,he was scared.That element of fear kept him sharp through his entire career.If we want to be at our best ,we need that same element of fear burning inside of us.It sharpens the focus ;keep the edge .There isn't a day that goes by that I don't remember what Joe said,realizing the truth of it .It has helped me .I know it will surely help you. 1. Super Bowl is A.the annual football championship game in the United States . B.the major professional football player in the United States . amateur football game. D.somehthing relating toa cooking contest. 2.What had Joe gained by taking part in the game? A.The respect of his teammates. B.Many fans. C.The respect and many awards. D.The admiration of the opponents . 3.According to Joe, A.he isn't afraid of anything when he starts a game. B.he can't possibly be scared. C.losing means nothing. D.he feels afraid before each game . 4.The element of fear before we do something. A.realizes the truth. B.may sharpen our focus C.makes us nervous. D.helps us remember what Joe said. 5.The writer seem to A.agree a little with Joe's opinion. B.disagree with Joe's opinion. C.have learned a lot from Joe's opinion. Joe's opponent. 52.Last Thurday I had an important interview for a job.I got up early and dressed carefully.I put on my best jacket and trousers to look my best.I had to travel by train,so I walked to the station which isn't far from my house.I was walking so fast when I saw a man ahead painting his fence with red paint.He didn't notice me as I was walking past.Then he turned suddenly and splashed my beautiful trousers! He had acted interview a silly way and he apologized ,but the damage was done. There was a big store on the corner ,so I decided to buy a new pair quickly so that I could change on the train.I rapidly found a nice pair ,which I bought quite cheap.The shop was full so I paid hurriedly ,grabbed my shopping bag and left.On the train I went to the toilet to change .I took off my stained trousers and threw out of the window.Then I openned the bag to get my new ones,but all I found was a pink sweater! 1.It seemed that the writer A.was well-prepared for the interview . B. was too smartly-dressed. C.was a punctual person. D.prefered walking to driving. 2.Which of the following sentences is true? A.He lived far from the station. B.A man interview front of hid house was painting his fence. C.It didn't take him long to walk to the station. D.He walked so fast that the red paint splashed his trousers. 3.What did the writer do after the damage was done? A.He apologised. B.He removed the stains from his trousers. C.He intended to buy another pair of trousers. D.He found a nicer pair interview a shop. 4.On the train,he A.changed into his new trousers quickly B.threw his stained trousers out of the window. C.saw a pink woolen sweater in the toilet. D.bought a new pair of trousers quite cheap. 5.From the passage,readers can infer that interview the end he A.hardly got to the interview on schedule. B.was too embarrassed to walk out of the toilet. C.couldn't manage with the pinl woolen sweater. D.All are correct. 53.In 1849,one word sent thousands of people on a dangerous journey to California :GOAL! A worker in California 's Sacramento Valley discovered gold there in January 1848.The word spread across the country like wildlife.The news flew to the Far East and Europe.The goal rush was on! The journey west to California wasn't easy in those days.Many Forty-Niners ,as the goal seekers were called.travelled by boat.But most people walked or rode on horseback several thousand miles to the California gold fields.People faced hard conditions:burning heat,rain and snow,lack of water ,and high mountains to cross.Cholera and other diseases killed thousands of Forty-Niners .The promise of gold attracted over 200,000 people to California in just a few years.Most Forty-Niners were men.They crowded into muddy mining camps ,sleeping in tents.Not everyone found gold.In fact,most people's dreams of quickly riches never came true. In 1896, a gold strike in Canada's Yucon Territory set off the Klondike goal rush .Thousands of people rushed to Yucon Territory to get rich by finding gold .The American writer Jack London was among them.London didn't get rich .After two years,he went home nearly peniless .But he got valuable story ideas! The Yucon Territory inspired two of London's most famous novels: White Fang and The Call of the Wild. 1.The goal rush in 1849 started in A.the Far East. B.Europe. C.Canada. D. California . 2.The phrase Forty-Niners refers to A.those who were 49 years old in 1849. seekers who were 49 years old. C.those who took part in the California goal rush D.those who went on horseback to California 's Yucon Territory . 3.Which of the following statements is true? A.Most people who took part in the goal rush became rich in a few years B. Forty-Niners experienced a lot of hardship. C.The dreams of quickly riches came true to no one in the goal rush . D.All Forty-Niners were from California . 4.Jack London A.joined the California goal rush to get materials for his writings. B.was an American writer who became rich in the goal rush . C.went to the Canada goal rush and got a lot of gold. 5.White Fang and The Call of the Wild are mentioned as A.some of Jack London most famous novels. B.stories about Jack London's life as a Forty-Niners . C.novels which saved Jack London from being penniless. D.stories about the wildlife. 54.For thousands of year tobacco was used by the American Indians with no ill-effect.In the 16th century it was brought to Europe.This early tobacco was mixed with soil and rather dirty .It was chewed or smoked in pipes only by men.Women thought it smelly and disgusting. Tobacco was first grown commercially in America in the 17th century on slave plantation.In the 18th century new technology refined tobacco and the first cigarettes were produced.By the 1880s huge factories were producing cigarettes which was clean and easy to smoke.Chain-smoking and inhaling became possible and by the middle of the 20th century tobacco addicts,both men and women ,were dying of lung cancer in great numbers. Nowadays cigarette smoking is banned in many places ,especially in the USA.But until 1820 tobacco was America's main export,and still today their tobacco industry makes over $42 billion a year. 1.Why would sombody read the passage? A.To find the bad effect of tobacco smoking. B.To know about the history of tobacco . C.To see the difference between old and modern tobacco . D.To learn about the development of tobacco industry through times. 2.How was tobacco first used in th 18th century? A.It was smoked in pipes B.It was chewed. C.It was mixed with soil. D.It was made into cigarettes. 3. Tobacco caused deaths to a great number of men and women in the 20th century because A.both men and women were addicted to cigarette smoking. B.women no longer found it disgusting and smelly. was America 's main export. was clean and easy to smoke. 4.Which of the following sentences is NOT true? A.It was not until the 17th century that tobacco was grown commercially in the USA. B.In the 16th century only men smoked. C. Tobacco no longer has any bad effect on people's health nowadays. D.Lung cancer was the number one cancer among men and women in the 20th century. 5.What can be inferred from the passage? A. Cigarette smoking has done great harm to people. B.If tobacco plants hadn'tobacco been grown ,less people would have died of cancer. C. Cigarette smoking shouldn't not be banned in the USA because it makes a big profit there. D.A & B are correct. 55. Jogging is a popular forms of exercise an recreation in which a person runs at a steady,moderate pace.The actual pace depends on the individual's ability ,but it should be one at which the jogger can talk without becoming breathless .Since the mid-1960's,milion of people in the United States and other countries have started to jog.The popularity of jogging stems from its healthful benefits and its simplicity.The only equipment needed is loose clothing and well-cushioned ,flexible shoes that fit properly. Jogging builds and maintains physical fitness by improving the function of the circulatory and respiratory systems.It strengthens leg muscles and aids in weight control.Jogging also helps relieve mental stress and provides an oppoturnity to enjoy the outdoors. To obtain the full benefits of jogging ,an individual should develop a program that includes at least three jogs of 2 miles every weeks.A begginer should start with short distances and gradually work up to 2 miles or more.At first,brisk walking may be substituted for periods of jogging .Persons more than 35 years old should have complete medical examination before starting a jogging program. 1.How can a jogger decide his proper pace? A.By running at a steady pace. B.By talking with another jogger. C.By counting the pace according to his ability. D.By doing moderate jogs. 2.Why do many people take up jogging? A.It is easy to do. B.It helps people be healthier C.Its equipment is cheap. D.It is a simple and healthy sport. 3.What is the main idea of the 2th paragraph? A. Jogging makes us healthier. B. The physical and metal benefits of jogging . C.Mental stress disappears when you jog. D. Jogging is a good way to be out of door. 4.Which word is similar in meaning to brisk? A.Quick. B.Short. C.Light. D.Slow. 5.Which of the following statements is true? A.Two miles is the shortest distance a jogger should cover a day. B.Six miles a week is recommended for any jogger. C.A medical examination is necessary for any jogger. D.Begginers should do short jogs rather than a long one. 56. Joanne's front door is at the top of the plane's steps,but you don't need a ticket or a passport when you visit.There are three rooms ,a living room,a modern kitchen,and a luxury bathroom,which is in the cockpit,with the bath under the windows.Next to this is Joanne's bedroom in the first class section of the plane.Then there's a living room with the four emergency exit doors ,which she opens on summer eveninga.On the wall there's a photo of the plane flying for Continental Airlines from Florida to the Caberian.There are also four toilets,all with No Smoking signs. "The plane is 27 years old and it's the best home in the world",says Joanne ."It has all the things you want in a home:a telephone ,air conditioning ,a cooker, a washing machine,even a dishwasher.It's always very warm ,even in the winter,and it's very big,42 meters long.My grandchildren love running up and down .And my friends love parties here ,but there aren't any flight attendants to serve them their drinks!"The plane cost Joanne just $2,000."Next time",she says."I want a Boeing 747 ,not a 727,because they have an upstairs and a downstairs,and I want to go upstairs to bed." 1.The passage tells us about A.a special house. B.a modern airplane. C.the lady who lives in a plane. D.a typical home life. 2.The word this in the passage refers to A.the bathroom. B.the cockpit. C.the bath. D.the window. 3.Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage? A.The restroom. B.The sitting room C.The staircase. D.The garden. 4.Which of the following sentences is true according to the passage? A.She's been living in her home for 27 years now. B.A plane ticket to her home cost $2,000. C.Although she doesn't have air conditioning ,it's very warm in winter. 5.It can be inferred from the passage that A. Joanne isn't married and lives alone. B.her home is a favourite with both adults and children. C.she doesn't love her house very much and wants a change. D.she doesn's mind people smoking in her house. 57. Dear Santa Claus My name is Army.I am nine years old.I have a problem at school.Can you help me Santa?Kids laugh at me because of the way I walk and run and talk.I have cerebral palsy.I just want one day where no one laugh at me or makes fun of me. Love,Amy At radio station WJLT in Fort Wayne,Indiana,letters poured in for the Christmas wish contest.The worker had fun reading about all the different presents that boys and girl from across the city wanted for Christmas .When Army'Santa Claus letter arrived at the radio station,manager Lee Tobin read it carefully .He knew cerebral palsy was a muscle disorder that might confuse Army'Santa Claus schoolmates who didn't understand her disability.He thought it would be good for the people in Fort Wayne to hear about this special third-grader anf her unusual wish.Mr.Tobin called up the local newspaper. The next day,a picture of Army and her letter to Santa made the front page of the New Sentinel.The story spread quickly.All across the country.newspaper and radio and television stations reported the story of the little gifl in Fort Wayne,Indiana,who asked for such a simple yet remarkable Christmas gift-just one day without teasing.Suddenly,the postman was a regular at the Hagadorn house.Envelopes of all sizes addressed to Army arrived daily from children and adults from all across the nation.They came filled with holiday greetings and words of encouragement. 1.What was the problem with Army? A.She had no friends at school. B.She was laughed at by her schoolmates. C.She was a special muscular third-grader. D.She could not run and walk by herself. 2.Radio station WJLT A.was where Santa Claus worked. B.had a contest for children who had disability at Christmas . C.received letters from children with problems. D.has a service for children at Christmas . 3.Lee Tobin A.didn't understand Army's disability. B.was a kind person,. C.worked for the local newspaper. D.worked with Santa Claus at Christmas . 4.When Army's letter was printed in the newspaper, A.she could have one day without teasing. B.children from her school sent her a lot of gifts. C.letters were sent to her from all over the world. 5.What is Army's full name? A.Army Hagadorn. B.Hadagorn Army. C.Fort Amy. D.Wayne Army. 58.Terence Magee likes walking in the mountains.Last week he was on holiday with his family in Scotland.One afternoon he was on his way down a mountain when he arrived art a chairlift.There was nobody on it.But Mr.Magee was tired ,so he jumped into one of the chairs and the chairlift lifted him into the sky.A few seconds later the lift stopped .Mr Magee waited,but the lift didn't start again.He looked down.He was about fifteen meters above the ground,so he decided that it wasn't a good idea to jump down.He waved and shouted,but it was no good.There was nobody on the mountain.Soon it was dark and it was very cold. Mr. Magee stayed there for ten hours.When he didn't return to the hotel,his wife began to worry.At ten o'clock she telephoned the police and they started to look for Mr Magee.They didn't find him until half past one in the morning.He was very cold ,but he was all right.The police didn't find have a ladder with them,so they decided to telephone the chairlift operator.He was in bed,and he wasn't very happy when the police phoned him.But he agreed to go and start the chailift.An hour later,Mr.Magee was back at the hotel. 1.Terence jumped into the chairlift because A.he wanted to be lifted up into the sky. B.he liked waking in the mountain. C.he wanted to have a rest. D.he liked being above the ground. 2.After recognizing there was something wrong with the chairlift,Mr Magee A.waved and shouted for help B.decided to jump down. C.felt very cold in the dark D.stayed on the mountain for ten hours 3.It was no good means A.he found no one to save him. B.his voice wasn't good enough to be heard. C.the weather wasn't good enough for him to stay there. D.what he did was useless. 4.Which of the following sentences is NOT true? A.The chairlift operator got a phone call from the police at midnight. B.Terence was back at the hotel at 1.30 in the morning. C.It took the police nearly four hours to look for Terence. D.Terence was alone in the chairlift in for nearly half a day. 5.According to the passage,if the chairlift operator hadn't come A.Mr Magee couldn't have been back at the hotel. B.The police couldn't have made the chairlift land. C.Mr Magee would have spent all night on the cold mountain. D.All are correct. 59. Lions is a big ,powerful cat.It is probably the most famous member of the cat family.People are frightened by the lion's thundering roar and impressed by its strength and royal appearance.The lion is called the"king of beasts",and is a well-known symbol of both beauty and power. Lions can live in cool climates and in the intense heat of semi desert areas.They do not like to live in thick forests.Most of them live in woodlands,grassy plains,and areas with thorny scrub trees. Lions live where they find a supply of food- deer ,antelope,zebra,and other hoofed animal-and where they have a place to drink. In ancient times,lions lived in Europe,the Middle East,India,and much of Africa.But human beings have killed thousands of lions as people settled in new areas.As a result,there are no more lions left in the Middle East and northern Africa.Only about 200 lions still live in Asia -all in the Gir Forest in India.Lions still live in the eastern part of central Africa and in the southern Africa.But most of these lions live in national parks and areas called reserves ,where the animals are protected from hunters.Hundreds of lions also live in capacity in zoos throughout the world.And trained lions are popular performers in circuses. 1. Lions are highly appreciated for A.their roars. B.their impressive strength. C.their royal appearance. D.their beauty and power. 2.What do lions feed on? A.Thorny plants. B.Hoofed animals. C.Scrub trees. D.Grass. 3.Which of the following statements is true? \ A. Lions in the Middle East have died out. B.Thick forests are lion's favorite places. C. Lions can be found in the Gir Forest in India now. D.There are not as many lions in National Park as in the wild. 4.Which of the following words can replace the word reserves? A.Keeps. B.Preserves. C.Stores. D.Saves. 5.People keep lions in wild-life reserves they are endangered animals. they are too dangerous to be free. train them into performers they prefer living in capacity. 60.For 99% of human history ,people took their food from the world .They ate all that they could find,and then moved on.Then about 10,000 yeara ago,or for 1% of human history,people learned to farm the land and control their environment.The kind of food we eat depends on which part of the world we live in ,or which part of our country we live in.For example,in the south of China they eat rice,but in the north they eat noodles.In Scandinavia,they eat a lot of herrings ,and the Portuguese love sardines.But in central Europe,away from the sea,people don't eat more meat and sausages.In Germany and Poland,there are hundreds of different kinds of sausages. In North America ,Australia and Europe there are two or more courses to every meal and people eat with knives and forks.In China,there is only one course,all the food is together on the table ,and eat with chopsticks.In parts of India and the Middle East ,people use their fingers and bread to pick up the food.Nowadays,it is possible to trsnsport food easily from one part of the world to the other.We can eat what we like,when we like and any time of the year.Our bananas come from India or the USA,our strawberries come from Chile or Spain.Food is very big business.But people in poor countries are still hungry,and people in rich countries eat too much. 1.The passage is about A.the role of food in people's lives. around the world. C.what people around the world always eat. people around the world eat. 2.According to the passage,when did human history start? A.100 centuries ago. B.1,000 centuries ago. C.10,000 years ago. D.1 million years ago. 3.The German don't eat much fish because A.there are hundreds of different kinds of sausages in Germany B.they don't like eating fish. C.they live far from the sea. D.they prefer meat to fish. 4.People in four continents eat their meals with A.knives and forks B.chopsticks. C.fingers. D.All of the above. 5.Why can we eat various kinds of food nowadays? A.It is possible to get food easily from different parts of the world. B.Our food comes from Caberian Africa and the USA. C.Our food comes from India,Chile and Spain. D.Food plays an important part in our lives. 61. The United States is often called the melting polt.Most immigrants adapt to the American way of life.They "melt" together in one big pot.But they also bring their own cultures and tradition with them.These different traditions often blend together to form new and unique Americans.The blending of different traditions is at the heart of American culture.You can see it in food,music,clothing,architecture,and many other things. American pizza,for instance,is adapted from American dish made by Italian immigrants.Hog dogs are based on American sausages dish by made by German immigrants.The American musical styles of jazz and blues have roots in Africa.Africa immigrants brought them their musical traditions with them.Country music has roots in the folk music carried to America by immigrants from the British Isles.For most immigrants ,the United States was American land of opportunity.It was a place for people looking to make a new life.Today,most Americans are descended from immigrants . 1.What does the underline word They in the passage refers to? A. The United States . B.Most immigrants . C.New and unique Americans. D.African immigrants . 2.New and unique Americans are formed by A.the American way of life. B.the heart of American culture. C.the blending of different traditions. D. immigrants alone. 3.Pizza is American word or a dish coming from A.Italy. B.German. C.Africa. D.British Isles. 4.African immigrants contributed to the American culture their A.a sausage dish music. C.roots. D.jazz and blues. 5.Which of the following is NOT true? A. The United States was a land of opportunity for all immigrants . B.Most Americans are children and grandchildren of immigrants . C.Food,music,clothing ,architecture ,and other things in the United States have something from immigrants 's cultures. D.The melting pot is associated with the United States . 62. The United Kingdom began to build an oversea empire in the late 1500s.It built a large navy to serve its growing empire.By the early 1900s,the United Kingdom controlled the world's greatest empire."The sun never sets on the British Empire",people liked to say.They were right.The empire reached around the world ,so there was always daylight somwhere in the empire.British possesions included India,Australia ,and part of Africa and the Caribbean.Even the United States began as a British colony. In the 20th century ,the United Kingdom lost most of its world empire.But the country continues to work with many of its old colonies in an organization called the Commonwealth of Nations. Commonwealth members share many customs and traditions with Britain.Many people from Commonwealth countries have moved to Britain.These immigrants have made the United Kingdom very diverse.Today,the United Kingdom is a multicultural country of more than 60 million people. 1. The United Kingdom began to build an overseas empire in the A.14th century B.15th century. C.16th century. D.20th century. 2.."The sun never sets on the British Empire" means A. the United Kingdom is a country of sunshine. B.the British Empire was very large in the early 20th century . C.there was always daylight somewhere in the British Empire. D.there is always daylight somewhere in the Great Britain. 3.These countries used to be British colonies: A. Australia ,India,and the United States. B. India,Australia and Scotland. C.Countries in Africa and the Caribbean D. Commonwealth countries and the United Kingdom . 4.The Commonwealth of Nations includes A.countries which used to be wealthy. B.wealthy countries. C.nations in the British Isles. D.countries which used to be British colonies. 5. The United Kingdom is a multicultural country A.with customs ans traditions from Commonwealth countries. B.with Britain and Northern Ireland. C.because it has many countries in its isles. D.because it has a large area and population. 63.Even as entertainment,magic has a long history.A magician named Dedi lived and worked in Egypt around 2700 BC.His most famous trick involved cutting the heads off two chickens and an ox.He then appeared to restore the animal's heads and bring them back to life.In 1921,a British magician named P.T.Selbit created one of the best-known acts in magic.He shut a woman into a box and sawed the box in half.Afterward,the woman got out of the box,still alive and whole. About the same time in America,Howard Thurston made the Indian Rope Trick famous.First,he seemed to make a rope rise into the air.Then he climbed the rope and disappeared .The American magician and artist Harry Houdimi amazed audiences with his sensational escapes from seemingly impossible situations.In one act,he escaped from a locked metal box underwater while wearing hancuffs! Magic is fun,but is it profitable?Some famous and successful magicians include Harry Blackstone , Doug Henning ,and David Copperfield.Tens of thousands of magicians perform magic acts in the United States today.However,only about 500 of them actually make a living as profession. 1.The trick of cutting the heads off two chickens and an ox and bringing the animals back to the life was performed by A.P.T.Selbit in Britain B. Harry Blackstone in the USA. C.A magician in Britain. D.Dedi in Egypt. 2.P.T.Selbit created one of the best-known acts in magic by A.cutting the heads off two chickens without killing them. B.shutting a woman into a box and sawing the box in half. C.making a rope rise into the air. D.escaping from a locked metal box underwater. 3.The Indian Rope Trick was performed in A.1921,in Britain. B.1921,in India C.1921,in America. D.2700 BC,in Egypt. 4.The American magician called the escape artist is A. Howard Thurston B. Harry Houdimi C. Harry Blackstone D. Doug Henning 5.David Copperfield is regarded as a magician who is A.succesful in making a living as professionals. B.famous for his tricks. C.always successful. D. Doug Henning's friend. 64. Zoos are places where animals are kept so that we can learn about them. Zoos are also places where scientists study animals.Some zoos help preserve endangered aniamals.A zoo need many people to care for the animals.Zoologists are scientists who study animals.They learn about how the animals live.They learn what makes the animals happy.Veterinarians are animal docter.They take care of any sick zoo animals.They try to keep all the animals healthy. Zookeepers take care of everything the animals need.They make sure the animals have plent of food and water.They watch for any problems with the animals.Zoos have other workers,too.They have guides who give tours and talk about the animals.They have cooks who work in zoo kitchens to make food for the animals.They even have people who build the homes for zoo animals to live in.Zoologists try to save some endangered animals by breeding them at a zoo.Sometimes ,they put animals born in a zoo back into the wild. 1.How many functions does a zoo play according to the passage? A.One. B.Two. C.Three. D.Four. 2.Zoologists are those who in the zoo. B.take care of any sick zoo animals. animals. D.give tours and talk about the animals. 3......try to keep all the animals healthy A.Veterinarians. B.Zoologists. C.Zookeepers. D.Guides and cooks. 4.There are cooks in the zoo kitchens serve zookeepers and zoo workers. breed animals at a zoo. make sure the animals have food and water. make food for the animals. 5.Which of the following statements is NOT true about zoos? A.Zoos save some endangered animals by breeding them at a zoo. B.Animals born in a zoo are always sent back into the wild. C.Many people work in a zoo to care for the animals. D.There are guides who give tours and talk about the animals to zoo visitors. 65.The water pressure in the deepest parts of the ocean is intense.It is so powerful that it can compress a piece of wood to half its origin size.The weight of the water can also crush an unprotected human being.But even with such forbidding condition,scientists have found that certain fish and other sea animals do exists in the ocean's deepest regions. 1.Which of the following would be the best title of this passage? A.Problems of Ocean Exploration. B.In the Depths of the Ocean. C.Sea Animals of the Deep. D.Water Pressure's Effect on Wood. 2.According to the passage,what could harm a person who was diving in deep water? A.Water pressure. B.Sharks and other sea animals. C.Weather conditions. D.Wooden projections. 3.The passage mentions all the following features of ocean life EXCEPT A.animal life. B.water weight. C.compression. D.temperature. 4.What is the main idea of the passage? A.Plant life can withstand less pressure. B.Life forms are smaller in deep water than in other places. C.Some sea animals live under conditons of intense pressure. D.Scientists have challenges rules against deep-sea investigation. 66.Walt Whitman,born in New York in 1819,was one of America's unusual literary figures.He used to ramble through the countryside seeing people and places ,and making them own.His experience in earning a living were varied :at times he was a printer ,a teacher,a carpenter ,a nurse ,and a newspaper editor.He was a big-hearted man,open and accepting .He gave freely of his time by carrying for the wounded during the Civil War. Athough he lived in the city ,he often spent time in the country ,developing his strong sense of nature,which carried through to his poems.In 1855 he controlled the verses he had written ,and published them in one thin volume,Leaves of Grass,a book which he revised and rewrote all the rest of his life.The book was ridiculed by some poets and generally ignored by others ,probably because his verse forms were not traditional.He had felt that it was necessary to achieve a new poetic form in order to communicate his views.His reputation did not grow until after his death ,and it reached a high point in the 1920s.Since then ,Whitman's style has greatly influenced modern poets. 1.Choose the best title for this passage? A.Leaves of Grass. B.Walt Whitman. C.A Country Man. D.Poetry: A New Form. 2.The word ramble in the passage is most similar to the meaning of A.stop briefly. B.march excitedly. quickly. D.walk slowly. 3.In the phrase making them his own,he is A.owning them. B.changing them. C.understanding them. D.working with them. 4.Whitman's big-hearted is shown by his A.visiting the countryside. B.being an indivialist. C.caring for the wounded. D.rewriting Leaves of Grass. 5.The passage says that during Whitman's life time,other poets A.laughed at him B.communicated with him. C.praised him. D.accepted him. 6.We can assume that Whitman was ignored because he A.rewrote his book. B.rambled through the countryside. C.published his poems. D.wrote in a new form. 67.No one know what the first invention was.Archaeologists have found ancient tools made of stone.Prehistoric inventors invented hammers,knives,and axes made of stone.They found ways to make and keep fires burning.They invented ways to grow plants for food and learned how to tame animals.Other great prehistoric inventions were the wheel,pottery,and ways to build houses.One great invention was the printing press by a German named Johannes Gutenburg in the 1400s.The press made it easy to print books which became much more common and helped other inventors make new things. The invention of the steam engine around 1700 led to the Industrial Revolution.Inventors made many new machines thar were powered by steam engines.They invented locomotives,steamboats,and all kinds of factory machines.Another great invention,the internal combustion engine,led to the invention of automobiles in the late 1800s.Internal combustion engines are used today in cars ,trucks ,buses ,and airplanes.The discovery of electricity led to many wonderful inventions,among which were the electric lamp,phonograph,anf other things by Thomas A.Edison in the late 1800s.Over time ,inventors kept improving on earlier inventions.Each new invention made life easier for people. 1.Tools made of stone were first made by A.prehistoric inventors. B.archaeologists. C.a German. American. 2.Prehistoric inventors didn't invent A.ways to tame animals B.the wheel C.books. D.knives. 3.The Industrial Revolution was made possible with the invention of A.the locomotives. B.the steam engine. C.the printing press. D.machines. 4.Which of the following is true? A.The priting press was invented after the steam engine. B.Locomotives ,steamboats,and factory machines use the steam engine now. C.The invention of electricity led to the invention of automobiles. D.Airplanes use internal combustion engines. 5.Inventors kept improving on earlier inventions to A.make life easier for people. B.make easier for them to earn money. C.make machines easier for people. D.make their inventions wonderful. 68.Long ago,people did not even have to think about conversation.There were very few people.They learned that using wood,ores,and other natural resources could make their lives easier.Then people began to live longer and the number of people living on the earth grew.Today,billions of people live on the earth and use more and more natural resources.People are using up fossil fuels and other natural resources faster than the planet can replace them.People cut down forests and destroy the homes of many plants and animals. People need to use renewable resources wisely.It's important to plant a tree for every tree cut down.Governments set up national parks where logging,mining,hunting,and other activities that use up natural resources are usually not allowed.Our endless supply of air and water must be protected.Polluted air can make you sick and you cannot drink polluted water.Factories,power plants,cars,and trucks give off smoke that pollutes air.Some factories dump chemicals into lakes and rivers.Some places on the earth have plenty of water,but deserts and other places do not.It is important to conserve water so that everyone has enough to drink and use for watering crops.Conservationists do a good job by looking for ways to save natural resources so that people will have enough lumber,fossil fuel,water ,and food.They also look for ways to save endangered plants and animals. 1.The basic reason why people have to think about conservation is that A.some factories dump chemicals into lakes and rivers. B.the number of people living on the earth grew. C.some plants and animals are endangered. D.the homes of many plants and animals are destroyed. 2.The number of people living on the earth grew when A.people began to live longer. B.the natural resources were plentiful. C.the water was good . D.there were animals and plants around them. 3.To use renewable resources wisely,people should A.protect the supply of air. B.conserve water. C.set up national park. D. A, B and C. 4.What is a source that makes the wir polluted? A.Logging. B.Polluted water. C.Power plants. D.Lumber. 5.Conservaionists are trying save endangered plants and animals. save natural resources. dump chemicals into lakes and rivers. D.A and B. 69. Animals can be useful to have around.That's why wild animals got tamed as pets.Dogs,especially ,can do lots of things.They can stand guard in the night.Hunters use dogs for fetching.Ranchers use them to help herd sheep or cattle.The police use dogs to sniff for bombs.Some dogs are trained to help blind and deaf people.Cats catch mice.The ancient Egyptians worshiped cats for keeping their field free of pests.Pets can even be actors.Trained dogs somtimes appear in movies or television shows.Having animals pet can be good for your health.Peats offer companionship and make people feel less alon.Petting and animal also help people relax. Pets can cause problems,too.Dogs dig in the garden.They chew up household objects and can even bite people.Cats like to scratch furniture.Both cats and dogs can make a mess on the rug.Some people have allergies to animals .But the biggest problem is that there are more pets than there are homes for them.Cats and dogs give birth to more cats and dogs and the number pets is enormous. 1.Pets can do good for your health by A.catching mice. B.making people feel less lonely and more relaxed. C.sniffing for bombs. D.keeping our fields free of pests, 2.How many tasks can dogs do according to the passage? A.Three. B.Four. C.Five. D.Six. 3.Why did the ancient Egyptians worshiped cats? A.Because cats kept their fields free of pests. B.Because cats lived long. C.Because cats could even be actors. D.Because cats offered companionship. 4.The biggest problem of keeping pets is A.that they make people sick. B.that they may die and make the owner sad. C.that the population of pets increase fast. D.that they make animals mess on the rug. 5.Which of the following statements are TRUE? A.Any dogs make good actors in movies or television shows. B.Keeping pets has both advantages and disadvantages. C.Cats chew up household object and can even bite people . D.Ranchers herd sheep or cattle with the help of cats. 70.Many people have small aquariums at home.A small aquarium can be a bowl or square tank.Some home aquariums are made of glass.Some are made of a strong plastic called Plexiglas .You can see fish better in a Plexiglas tank.But Plexiglas scratches more easily and costs more than glass.Some people keep fresh water fish in their aquariums.Some people keep salt water fish .Goldfish and terras live in fresh water.Angerfish and butterfly fish live in salt water.Most people with aquariums have fresh water fish.Fresh water fish are easier to take care of and cost less than salt water fish. There are fish that live in cold water and fish that live in warm water.Tropical fish,which live in warm water,come in reds,yellows ,blues,purples,and many other colours.Golddfish,which live in cold water,are mostly golden red.If you have an aquarium ,you can decorate your tank with plants,colourful stones ,and objects that the fish can swim through and hide under.Find out what to feed your fish and how to keep them healthy.Then have fun watching the fish in your home aquarium . 1.What is the disavange of aquarium made of Plexiglas ? A.It's more expensive and easier to scratch than glass. B.It is hard to make into aquarium bowl or square tank. C.It is easier to see the fish in a glass aquarium. D.A and B. 2.Goldfish and terras are A.salt water fish. B.fresh water fish. C.warm water fish. D.tropical fish. 3.Most people keep fresh water fish in their home aquariums because A.salt water fish are cheaper. B.salt water fish are more beautiful. C.fresh water fish are more expensive. D.fresh water fish are easier to take care of. 4.Which kind of fish is more beautiful? A.Goldfish. B.Cold water fish. C.Tropical fish. D.Goldfish and terras. 5.Plants,colourful stones,and objects are used in the home aquarium for A.decorating the fish tank. fun to people watching the fish in it. to swim through and hide them. D.A,B, and C. 71.Health food addicts have ta last gained the support of the National Academy of Sciences in the argument about the relationship between diet and cancer.The National Academy has issued a 500-page report called Diet,Nutritionist and Cancer that recommends dietary strategies for protecting yourself from cancer. This organization advises you to reduce your consumption of fat ,as in pork and butter,and increases your intake of vitamin C,as in grapefruit and cabbage.More beta-carotene,a type of vitamin A in yellow and green vegetables ,should be added to your diet as well. 1.What can you infer that health food addicts have claimed? A.They needed confirmation from the Academy of Sciences. B.People need to eat better. C.People should cut down their consumption of fat and vitamins. D.People who eat nutritious food are less likely to get cancer. 2.What foods apparently fight cancer? A.Fat and vitamins A and C. B.Bacon ,grapefruit and cabbage. C.Fruit and vegetables. D.Junk foods 3.The majority of people reading this passage would infer that the Academy of Sciences is association of nutritious professors. B.a reliable scientific organization. C.a company that manufatures healthy food. D.a publisher of scientific journals. 4.You can infer from the passage that? A.experiments were performed on groups of people to show the effect of nutrition on cancer. food addicts had already proven that good nutritious prevents cancer. C.nothing has been proven in regard to the effect of diet on the development of cancer. D.there is no way to prevent cancer. 72.I'm going to tell you about the special interest classes that we have on Wednesday afternoons,when you can choose what you want to do.We put up a list on the notice board and you must sign your name under the class you have chosen.Then at 1.45 on Wednesday,you go to the room where that class is.The teacher will be in their usual classrooms.So Mike will be in Room 7,Nicky will be in Room 4.Except for Philip,who'll be in the language laboratory ,and Alison ,who'll be in the library. All the classes will be good for your English

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