Bài tập về từ loại Chuyên đề toeic II

1. The villagers drank water from wells _____ with toxic chemicals. A. polluting B. polluted C. pollution D. pollute 2. The conference discussed ______ issues. A. environment B. environmental C. environmentally D. environmentalist

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BÀI TẬP VỀ TỪ LOẠI CHUYÊN ĐỀ TOEIC II 1. The park service asks visitors to behave _________ and show respect for wildlife. A. responsibly B. responsible C. responsibility D. responsibilities 2. The _______ of Board of Directors is scheduled for Monday. A. election B. elected C. elects D. electable 3. In order to suppress harmful insects and weeds, garden maintenance companies must choose the right products and apply them ______ A. correction B. correctly C. corrected D. correcting 4. The CEO will use her __________ in determining how the reorganization of the company will be conducted. A. discretionary B. discrete C. discretely D. discretion 5. ________ by the audience’s positive reaction to its music, the Gary Jones played well past midnight. A. Delighted B. Delightedly C. Delightful D. Delight 6. The young fashion designer wanted to create dress styles ___________ different from those of her contemporaries. A. recognize B. recognizing C. recognizable D. recognizably 7. Many environmental analysts recommend that nations reduce their __________ on non-renewable energy sources. A. dependently B. dependence C. dependent D. depend 8. A particularly _________ drawback of this book is the almost complete lack of useful illustrations or tables. A. frustrating B. frustratingly C. frustrated D. frustration 9. The general manager has ______ that any information customers enter be used only to respond to their inquiries and requests. A. suggested B. suggesting C. suggest D. suggestion 10. Additional information on _______ financial aid such as grants and scholarships can be obtained from career offices at each university. A. extend B. extensive C. extent D. extension 11. _________ for reconstruction contracts has been getting stiffer over the years since it can generate enormously lucrative earnings. A. Competitively B. Competition C. Competitive D. Competes 12. The general hospital was able to improve patient care significantly without hiring more staff by _________ in a new information system. A. invests B. invested C. investing D. invest 13. Our experienced and skilled technicians can be of much help in the event that you ________ delete something essential from the program. A. accident B. accidental C. accidents D. accidentally 14. When the _________ for this new safety policy was under consideration by the managers, a number of experts were asked for their comments. A. proposing B. propose C. proposes D. proposal 15. All the workers are required to ______ verify that the proper maintenance of storage facilities is conducted with extreme care. A. periodic B. periodical C. periodically D. period 16. The elegant hotel we stayed at was_______ and bright and had a private entrance and patio with a view of the ocean. A. spacing B. spacious C. spaciousness D. spaces 17. Applicants are advised to fill out an application form concisely to impress potential employers, without being too ________ or boring. A. repeating B. repetitive C. repetition D. repeat 18. All the terms of the agreement must be clear so that the meaning and intent won’t be _______ by either party. A. misinterpret B. misinterpretation C. misinterpreted D. misinterpreting 19. There’s another piece of evidence that there has been enormous ________ in the supply of customized services to customers. A. growth B. grows C. grown D. grower 20. Our aim is to increase the efficiency of the rail services both for freight and passengers by providing services on the network and increasing _______ among companies. A. competes B. competitively C. competitive D. competition 21. We are sorry to announce that we will not________ any credit cards starting next year since a cash deposit is required. A. accepts B. accepting C. accept D. accepted 22. The elegant hotel known for its fabulous amenities is _________ located near the local airport. A. convenience B. convenient C. conveniently D. conveniences BÀI TẬP VỀ TỪ LOẠI CHUYÊN ĐỀ TOEIC (III) 1. __________ for the money management seminar will be forwarded to all the managers tomorrow. A. Invite B. Invitations C. Inviting D. Invitation 2. The conference’s keynote speaker addressed ______ impacts of digital technology on the current music industry. A. variety B. variably C. variation D. various 3. The effects of affordable housing ____ in rural areas will be discussed at the conference. A. develops B. developing C. development D. developed 4. Even if residents in the area have shown strong _____ to the project, the city government may not be hesitant to proceed with it. A. resisting B. resistant C. resisted D. resistance 5. We had to spend the whole month searching for better solutions, and _____ customers were impressed by our efforts. A. fortunate B. fortunes C. fortune D. fortunately 6. The more we spent with the sales team, the more ______ we were with their innovative marketing skills. A. impression B. impress C. impresses D. impressed 7. The unexpected operating complexity was more serious than _______ anticipated. A. origin B. original C. originally D. originated 8. The enclosed documents summarize _______ changes to the existing overtime regulations. A. propose B. proposed C. proposes D. to proposing 9. Applicants must possess a master of business administration or ______ experience in a related field. A. compare B. compared C. comparable D. comparing 10. The expansion of the natural history museum is most ______ the cause of significant revenue increases. A. probabilities B. probability C. probable D. probably 11. Many science majors enter graduate school ______ after completing a bachelor of science degree. A.directly B.direct C.directed D.direction 12. Customers who purchase more than 500 dollars worth of items can request an HDTV cable box at no ______ charge. A.additional B.addition C.adding D.additionally 13. According to many _______ of the industry, the majority of small-sized firms are hoping to enter into lucrative businesses. A.survey B.surveys C.surveying D.surveyed 14. During the one-week promotional period, we offer all the visitors and customers 10 dollars worth of kitchen appliances _______ free of charge. A.extremely B.exclusively C.continually D.completely 15. It is likely that ______ of the annual conference will reach an all-time high this year, with more than 1,000 people planning to attend. A. attendant B. attendance C. attended D. attendee 16. A detailed quotation on the ongoing _________ will be provided for free any time upon request. A. maintaining B. maintenance C. maintained D. maintains 17. The customer service department is responsible for fulfilling _______ from the public and has to forward them to the chief financial officer. A.requests B.request C.requesting D.requested 18. Employees will be given bonuses and incentives _______ depending on their performance achievements, not based on their relationship with supervisors. A.exclusive B.excluding C.exclusively D.excluded 19. The head of legal department is searching for experts who have a lot of experience with contract ______. A. negotiates B. negotiator C. negotiations D. negotiable 20. Many ______ agricultural advisors were hired to boost the significantly declining industry. A. professionally B. professional C. professionalism D. profession ‘BÀI TẬP VỀ TỪ LOẠI (IV) I wasn't_____ with my exam result. A. please B. pleased C. pleasing D. pleasant The water is _____. You can't drink it. A. polluted B. pollution C. polluting D. pollutant I am very _______ in the news. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. interests We avoid_______ our environment. A. polluted B. polluting C. pollute D. to pollute Many spacemen could never get back to the Earth because of ____ accidents. A. tragedy B. tragic C. tragically D. tragedies We've decided to interview only ten _____ for the job. A. applicants B. applicable C. appliances D. applications Artificial satellites provide data on atmosphere temperatures, solar radiation and _____ the earth's surface. A. reflect B. the reflection C. can reflect D. reflecting They have no _____ for help. A. expectation B. expect C. expectative D. expectancy Boys and girls may behave _____ in this situation. A. difference B. differing C. different D. differently All of us were _____ that he was successful in the final exam. A. surprising B. surprisingly C. surprise D. surprised One recent ________ in medicine is the development of laser in treating cancer. A. achievements B. achievement C. achiever D. achieved You have to be aware of the damage humans are doing to quicken the ________ of wildlife. A. extinct B. extinctive C. extinctions D. extinction He was finally _________ in his final attempt. A. successful B. successive C. unsuccessful D. success They did everything possible to _______ the police force. A. strengthen B. strengthening C. strength D. stronger It was a(n) ________ mistake that he made. A. shamed B. shameful C. ashamed D. shameless I spent a(n)________ night because of my toothache. I’m very tired now. A. sleepy B. sleeping C. sleepless D. asleep His low scores in the mock tests ______ him quite a lot. A. courageous B. encouraging C. discouraged D. encouragement Recently pop-rock music has decreased in ________. A. popular B. popularizing C. popularity D. popularly The waste from the chemical factory is extremely ________. A. harmed B. unharmed C. harmful D. harmless The restaurant is now under new ________. A. manager B. manageable C. management D. manager Your money will be refunded if the goods prove to be ________. A. satisfying B. dissatisfied C. satisfactory D. unsatisfactory The problem of ________ among young people is hard to solve. A. employment B. employers C. employees D. unemployment The dictionaries are on the _________-book shelves. A. referred B. referring C. reference D. references The _________ of old buildings should be taken into consideration. A. preserve B. preservation C. preservative D. preserves It is tiring to talk to such _________-minded person. A. conservative B. conserved C. conservation D. conserving He became one of the most ________ actors in Vietnam. A. success B. successful C. successfully D. successive Smoke from cigarettes can even do harm to _________. A. smoking B. smokers C. nonsmokers D. smoky Man has witnessed a great many significant _________ of science and technology in the past few decades. A. accomplishes B. accomplished C. accomplishments D. accomplishers You should eat more. You’re a bit _________. A. underweight B. overweight C. weightless D. weighty You should _________ yourselves with some grammatical terms. A. familiar B. familiarity C. unfamiliar D. familiarize Although some societies are _________ undeveloped, their languages, from a linguist’s point of view, are very complex. A. technology B. technologically C. technological D. technologist Our education will help with the _________ of knowledge for the young. A. enrichment B. rich C. riches D. richness The ________ was a success; the patient will fully recover in a month’s time. A. operate B. operation C. operator D. operating Call the TV stations for the ________ of the opening of our new store. A. publicity B. publicize C. public D. publicizing I like my work because I have the ________ to make my own decision. A. freed B. freedom C. freely D. free That teacher is a(n) _______ one. His pupils like his sense of humor. A. amusing B. amused C. amusement D. self-amused It is just a small area with about 100,000 _______. A. inhabitations B. inhabitants C. habitats D. inhabits The road has just been ______ for better flows of traffic. A. width B. wide C. widely D. widened She wants to look ______ in her wedding reception. A. natural B. naturally C. nature D. natured Scientific progress supplies us with ______ such as washing machines, tractors,. A. convenient B. conveniences C. inconvenience D. inconveniences He was _________ in his final attempt. What a pity for him! A. successful B. successive C. unsuccessful D. success You have to wear special clothes to work in the lab for the ________ of yourself. A. protective B. protector C. protection D. protectiveness There are many interesting _________ events included in this book. A. historical B. historically C. historian D. history The ________ will judge you on your quality and performance. A. examining B. examinees C. examiners D. examination We should be responsible for the _________ humans are doing to the environment. A. destroy B. destructive C. destruction D. destructibility Some animals are now ____________. We need to find ways to protect them. A. dangerous B. dangerously C. in danger D. danger People who are out of work are ____________. A. unemployed B. unemployment C. employed D. employee The old man has saved a lot of money for his _____________. A. retire B. retiring C. retirement D. retired We had a _________ discussion about football. A. bore B. boring C. bored D. boredom She gave along ___________ about unemployment in Vietnam. A. lecturer B. lecturing C. lectured D. lecture Money doesn't always bring ____________. A. happy B. happily C. happiest D. happiness His _________ makes his parents happy. A. success B. successful C. succeed D. succeeded Mary and her younger sister have many __________. A. different B. difference C. differ D. differences. She is a dances, so you should buy a pair of _________ shoes as a present for her birthday. A. dancing B. dance C. dances D. dancer's That's quite silly. What you're saying is_________ A. reason B. reasonable C. unreasonable D. reasonably What we need is a_______ supply of oxygen A. healthful B. unhealthful C. healthy D. unhealthy Are you_______ with your child's performance at school? A. satisfying B. satisfactory C. satisfying D. dissatisfying The old couple have saved a lot of money for their_____ A. retire B. retirement C. retired D. retiring The story is______ and it makes us laugh a lot. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D. interestingly Lan is______ with the result of her test. A. satisfaction B. satisfactorily C. satisfy D. satisfied The weather this month______ him because it has been raining most of the time. A. disappoints B. disappointing C. disappointed D. disappointment This job is______ and a lot of young people like it. A. attraction B. attracted C. attract D. attractive This shirt is good and its price is______ A. reason B. reasonable C. reasonably D. reasoning We can preserve flood by ______ the forests. A. preserving B. preserved C. preservation D. preserve I will not ______ your behaving that way. A. tolerance B. tolerate C. tolerant D. tolerable They discussed the matter calmly and______ A. reasonable B. reasonably C. reasoning D. reason There are a lot of ______ jobs in this company. A. attracted B. attraction C. attractive D. attract Fortunately, the plane landed ______ after the violent storm. A. safely B. safety C. safe D. unsafe Bill is a good driver. He usually drives A. carefully B. carelessly C. careful D. careless She is a very famous stamp________ in England. A. collection B. collective C. collector D. collect Now we are still looking for the ________ to the problem of traffic accidents. A. solve B. solver C. solution D. solvable Some people are concern with physical when choosing a wife or a husband. A. attraction B. attractive C. attract D. attractiveness Traditionally, Americans and Asians have different ideas about love and . A. marry B. marriage C. get married D. to love Young Asians are not so as their American counterparts. A. Rome B. Roman C. romantic D. romanticize All of my students appreciate the ______ of English learning. A. importance B. important C. importantly D. import English is the language of international ______. A. communicate B. communicative C. communication D. communicatively When I was in Thailand, I had only a day to visit all the tourist ______. A. attractions B. attracts C. attracted D. attracting We bought this car at a very ______ price. A. reason B. reasonable C. reasonably D. reasoning She ______ to pass the entrance exam to the university. A. expect B. expecting C. expectation D. expects With the ______ of weather, the journey was wonderful. A. except B. exception C. excepting D. excepts The food in this restaurant was rather ______. A. disappoint B. disappointing C. disappointed D. disappointment The villagers drank water from wells _____ with toxic chemicals. A. polluting B. polluted C. pollution D. pollute The conference discussed ______ issues. A. environment B. environmental C. environmentally D. environmentalist

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