Understanding ethernet

High port density Large frame buffers Mixture of port speeds Fast internal switching Switching modes: Cut-through Store-and-forward Fragment-free

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Building a Simple Network Understanding EthernetLocal Area NetworkLAN ComponentsComputersPCsServersInterconnectionsNICsMediaNetwork devicesHubsSwitchesRoutersProtocolsEthernetIPARPDHCPFunctions of a LANData and applicationsShare resourcesProvide communication path to other networksLAN SizesEthernet EvolutionLAN StandardsCommunication Across a Local Ethernet NetworkData Link - MAC000000000000000000001100 0001001010001010011111010000.0c12.8a7d48 BITSThe MAC address is a 48-bit number, which, as Figure below shows, is designed so that every device anywhere on the planet should be uniquely identifiable.MAC Address ComponentsEthernet Frame StructureLAN Segment Limitations Signals degrade with transmission distance.Each Ethernet type has a maximum segment length.Communicating Within the LANExtending LAN SegmentsShares bandwidthExtends cable distancesRepeats or amplifies signalCollisionsCSMA/CDBridgesOperate at Layer 2 of the OSI modelForward, filter, or flood framesHave few portsAre slowLAN SwitchHigh port densityLarge frame buffersMixture of port speedsFast internal switchingSwitching modes:Cut-throughStore-and-forwardFragment-freeMultiple Collision DomainsLAN Switch FeaturesLANs TodayUsers grouped by physical location More switches added to networksSwitches connected by high-speed links

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