Ant: The Definitive Guide phần 2

Content 0 n nested <property> elements (all) Passes a property to the new build process. Example Usage Invoke the default target on util_buildfile.xml in the current directory: <ant antfile="util_buildfile.xml"/> Invoke the clean target on build.xml in the gui directory: <ant dir="gui" target="clean"/> Invoke another buildfile, passing a new value for the builddir property. The value is explicitly set to utiloutput even if the property was defined elsewhere in the calling buildfile: <ant antfile="util_buildfile.xml"> <property name="builddir" value="utiloutput"/> </ant> See Also See the property task for allowable attributes on nested <property> elements. antcall all Invokes a target in the current buildfile. Properties are passed to the new target using nested <param> elements. An investigation of the Ant source code reveals that antcall instantiates and calls the ant task using the current buildfile. This means that a new project instance is created and properties work the same as they do for ant.

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