Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide tập 1

Copyright Preface Prometheus Untethered: The Possibilities of Wireless LANs Audience Overture for Book in Black and White, Opus 2 Conventions Used in This Book How to Contact Us Acknowledgments Chapter 1. Introduction to Wireless Networks Section 1.1. Why Wireless? Section 1.2. A Network by Any Other Name . Chapter 2. Overview of 802.11 Networks Section 2.1. IEEE 802 Network Technology Family Tree Section 2.2. 802.11 Nomenclature and Design Section 2.3. 802.11 Network Operations Section 2.4. Mobility Support Chapter 3. The 802.11 MAC Section 3.1. Challenges for the MAC Section 3.2. MAC Access Modes and Timing Section 3.3. Contention-Based Access Using the DCF Section 3.4. Fragmentation and Reassembly Section 3.5. Frame Format Section 3.6. Encapsulation of Higher-Layer Protocols Within 802.11 Section 3.7. Contention-Based Data Service Chapter 4. 802.11 Framing in Detail Section 4.1. Data Frames Section 4.2. Control Frames Section 4.3. Management Frames Section 4.4. Frame Transmission and Association and Authentication States Chapter 5. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Section 5.1. Cryptographic Background to WEP Section 5.2. WEP Cryptographic Operations Section 5.3. Problems with WEP Section 5.4. Conclusions and Recommendations

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