What, Where, When? 3d max

3ds max is equipped with a robust and full-featured lighting toolkit to help you mimic all the lighting events in the scene without having to create a physically accurate lighting model which, while it may look marginally superior, will likely send render times through the roof. One last note about interior and exterior lighting: When we talk about exterior sources, we are usually referring to “natural” sources such as the sun. While discussing interior sources, we are usually referring to “artificial” sources such as lightbulbs. Of course, sunlight can pass through a window into a room, and tiki lamps or neon signs are usually found outdoors, but don’t be confused. Don’t start arguments with your friends about the technical differences in definitions. I’d hate to be the cause of a lifelong friendship breaking up. Worry not! By the time you are finished with this book, you’ll know how to create a neon source whether indoors or outdoors and how to create a sunny day whether on the beach or viewed through a tiny basement window. Just remember to think about whether your camera is interior or exterior, and the sources will fall into place.

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