Using the Controls

Knees/Elbows Using IK Booster, you no longer need to rotate an *Elbow or *Knee control to position the elbows and knees of your character. You can simply grab the calf or forearm and physically move the knee or elbow joint where you want it to be. (Doing this actually rotates the *Knee and *Elbow bones to the applicable bank setting.) 190 Chapter 8: Using the Controls Figure 8.20 Note: You’ll want to be very watchful when you’re manipulating knee and elbow joints in this manner. Just as a little twist of the bank heading on the *Knee and *Elbow controls themselves can swing that character’s knee or elbow joint all over the place, so can the slightest twitch of your mouse here. It is best to work in very small moves on only one axis at a time. And if you see the knee or elbow joint swinging at a funky angle, it’s best to undo your action and start again — until you click on *Knee or *Elbow in Rotate mode, there’s no way of knowing if bank has just exceeded +/– 360°.

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