Requirement Process

No need to document requirements Requirements are easy to get Our requirements must be full-filled first. Our requirements will not allow changing. We got enough requirements. We got the confirmation from the power people.

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Requirement labProject ManagementSoftware Development Management - SDMPrivileges on ServerPrivileges on SVN serverRoles in Project teamRequirement ProcessSoftware Requirement Specification - SRSToolsMicrosoft ProjectEnterprise ArchitectureProcess labDefine all documents related to PM (Project Management) and SDM( Software Development Management)PM: Focus on Pre-Project and Project-Initiation Organizational Process is not covered in this course3.Organizational Process2.Software Development ManagementProcess1.Project ManagementProcessPrivileges on ServerServer contains resource of projectDefine Folder Structure Guide on ServerPrivileges on SVN serverSVN server contains resource of collaboration workDefine Privileges of project member and Folder Structure Guide on SVNRoles in project teamQA (Quality Assurance)QC (Quality Control)Software Development ManagementProcess2.Design1.Requirements Management3.Testing4.Deveploment5.DeploymentBusiness analyst(BA)Software architect(SA)TesterDeveloperDeployerProject manager (PM)Graphic Designer(GD)Requirement ProcessDescribe requirement processRelated documentsProject ManagementSOWVisionSoftware ProposalProject Development Request FormKick-off Meeting Minutes FormSoftware Development ManagementDraft requirementsSRSBusiness process specificationREQs documentNon Functional REQs documentUser Interface PrototypeUse Case ModelRequirement Traceability MatrixChange Request FormPeer Review Report & TrackingWrong conceptsNo need to document requirementsRequirements are easy to getOur requirements must be full-filled first.Our requirements will not allow changing.We got enough requirements.We got the confirmation from the power people.REQs developmentRequirements Development1.Define REQs2.Analyze REQs3.Manage REQs changeDefine REQs1.REQs elicitation2.REQs analysis and negotiation3.REQs documentation4.REQs validationOutput:REQs documentInput:User infomationAgreed REQsReview1 – REQREVIEWBusiness analyst(BA)TesterProject manager (PM)OthersAnalyze REQsOutputSoftware REQs Specification document1.Analyze businessrules/processesInput:REQs document2.Analyze functionalREQs3.Analyze Non-functional REQsUsecases - SpecificationBusiness processesBusiness rulesRisk analysisGUI prototypeUsabilityReliability Performance ReusabilityPrecisionInteroperability Traceability matrixReview2 – REQREVIEWBusiness analyst(BA)TesterProject manager (PM)OthersSoftware architect(SA)Manage REQs change1.Change requestsInput:Change requests form2.Accept?3.Re-estimatedAgreed Schedule4.Enter all approved change requests Input:Traceability matrixWill be reserved for the next iteration YesNoToolsMicrosoft projectEnterprise ArchitectQ & AThank you

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