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After grading the assignment, grades are posted in SLATE. Select the appropriate worksite (course name) to check grades Select Gradebook within the worksite options

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CSC350: Learning Management SystemsCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology (Virtual Campus) Lecture # 26 Slate: Worksite Tools (Sakai Learning & Teaching Environment)2Review of the Previous LectureOverview of SLATEGetting StartedUser Name iXXZZZZ (batch + R.no.)PasswordMy Workspace ScheduleResourcesAnnouncements3Topics of DiscussionThe Topics Follow:4‘My Workspace’ReviewHomeThe Home page is a customizable tool serves as the landing page. By default, the Home page includes the most frequently used tools by worksite users, such as recent announcements, recent messages, and a worksite information page.5Schedule ReviewLogin: SLATE, then clickMy Workspace tab.Schedule link.Add link located at the top of the screen.Complete the required information. Save Event button67Resources ReviewSteps to add a file to Resources:Login: SLATE My Workspace tab. Resources tool. Add link. Upload files .Browse to . And add details. Title, Copyright Status information. add more files Upload files Now button.8Account ..Review9Account ..Review10HomeThis is a customizable tool as the landing page. Home page includes the most frequently used tools such as recent announcements, recent discussion forums, and a worksite information.Every course has separate tab1112SyllabusTop of the screen, click the tab for the course you are taking. Syllabus .. see a list of the materials related to Syllabus. You can browse through the available material:Click the name of the syllabus. (It will open the document in the relevant application such as Word or PDF file).13 AnnouncementInstructors post Announcements to keep students up to date. A summary of all worksite announcements is available. Students must frequently read all course announcements.Announcement page would contain drop down box:AllPublicBy GroupStudents can view the announcements by clicking drop down box. Log in SLATE Access worksite .. select the Announcements linkview relevant download attachment. click Next button to view next announcement. click Previous button, to view the previous announcement. clicking Return to List .. announcement list will open.1415ResourcesViewing and opening files in Resourcesclick Resources .. To view the list of the site's resources and folders containing resources. Browse through the available materialTo view a resource, click the name of the resource, .. agree to a copyright statement. see the resource.16ResourcesViewing and opening files .Click folder to view its contents or click the black ‘+’ or ‘-’ sign to the left of "Title" to expand all the folders and see their contents.Navigate between resources and folders using “Location” .. click a folder name in the path to go to that folder. You can also click the icon of a folder with an arrow in it to go one level back.17Resources.Resources can be sorted by title (click Title);by resource creator (click Created by), .by date last modified (click Modified),by size (click Size). To reverse the order, click any of these links again.18AssignmentsAssignments can be set up by the instructor to complete and submit online. To work on an assignment: Open the site for the course or project with the assignment, click AssignmentsClick name of the assignment to open.19Note: The assignment must have a status of “open” for a student to be able to work on it. If you attempt to submit an assignment past the due date/time, the following message will display: “The close date of the assignment has passed. You can no longer submit an answer.” 20To work on Assignment...follow the instructionsTo add an attachment, click the Add Attachments Attach a local file from your computer, Attach a website URL, type the URL in the box provided. Omit the http:// (for example, www.google.com). .. Add.Attach an item from the resources already in this course website,Select a resource, click Attach a copy next to the appropriate resource.click Finish.21To work on Assignment.click Preview to see how your assignment looks to the teacherAssignment to complete later,.click Save Draft at the bottom of the screen. Reopen it, from the status of “In progress”.When finished, click Submit.2223Resubmitting a returned assignmentTo resubmit an assignment returned to you, follow these steps:Click Assignments.Click the title of the returned assignment to resubmit.Returned assignments will say "Returned" (followed by the date and time returned) in the "Status" column of the Assignments table.You will see the original assignment and your original submissionwith comments of the teacher on original submissionIn the box “Enter below for resubmission”, edit or paste your revised submission for the assignment.Click Resubmit or click Save Draft to save. 2425Checking a grade on an assignmentsClick Assignments. ..to see the title of your assignment and information about its status.Click the title of the assignment for more details. You'll see when your assignment was graded as well as the original instructions. Comments appear underlined. Any additional comments, will be at the bottom of the page.Click Done to return to the Assignments main page. You may need to take further action After you've done the needed work, preview, resubmit your assignment, or save it as a draft.2627GradebookAfter grading the assignment, grades are posted in SLATE. Select the appropriate worksite (course name) to check grades Select Gradebook within the worksite options. 2829Thank You30

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